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A popular Christmas tradition in many homes is the white elephant party. Check out these white elephant gifts everyone will fight for down below.

With Christmas just around the corner and the troubles of hosting Thanksgiving finally behind us, it’s time to start looking for frugal Christmas activities and planning out our Holiday budgets. After all, we will have to buy gifts, do our traditions, and still afford a Christmas dinner on the table.

Whether we need to make Santa and his traditions happen on a zero dollar budget or grab a few Holiday side hustles to bring in the cash for these next few weeks, one thing is certain, finding a frugal white elephant gift is a great way to participate in traditions without ruining you financially during the end of the year.

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What is a white elephant party and how do you play?

A common question from many, but the idea is pretty simple. It’s like a new twist to the secret Santa gift exchange in that you buy a gift that fits any theme or price range determined by the party host (if there is one). And you bring it wrapped to the party

At the party, the presents are all placed in an area, usually under a tree or on a table. Then some sort of order will be established for everyone to take turns picking a present. This can either be a simple take turns thing or through winning competitions or party games.

Portrait of teenage girl and her family in the background

The first person unwraps a gift, and when their turn is done. the second person can choose to unwrap a new gift or “steal” the gift of the other person. this repeats until all of the gifts have been unwrapped and “assigned” a designated person.

While you definitely want to have the “it” gift (aka have the white elephant gifts everyone will fight for) you also want to be mindful of any rules, themes, or budgets put in place.

Don’t bring a $100 gift to a $20 limit party, and don’t be the person that brings a Dollar Store mug to a $20 party either. You want to stick as close to the limit as possible so that the gift exchange is as fair as possible.

It’s very common for white elephant gifts to be funny, and less about seriousness. So here are some gag gifts that are sure to be a hit. Most of these funny white elephant gifts are under $25 making them very frugal too!

These gifts are all found on making them PERFECT for last-minute shopping or hassle-free shopping because it’s so easy to do from your phone and have them delivered within 2 days flat.

If you don’t have an Amazon Prime account try these affordable options:

White Elephant Gifts Everyone Will Fight For

One of the most common and possibly most classic forms of gag gift during the holidays are those which remind you of bodily functions. Farts poops and bad smells are some of the great go-to gifts for white elephant presents.

Subtle Butt: disposable gas neutralizers

butt deodorizer

For example, this set of disposable gas neutralizers could be taken as a good gag gift for a gassy friend or relative. Bonus (for everyone else) if it actually works!

Redneck Plunger Christmas Tree

plunger christmas tree

An easy to assemble plunger tree. Part of me wonders who would want this while the other part thinks it’s actually kind of cute. I’ll spare you the image of the add-on poop shaped Christmas ornaments you can buy too.

I may have been staring at this image too much but I actually think it could make for cute decor while sitting on the back of a toilet tank.

Tequila Mockingbird: Cocktails with a Literary Twist

tequila mockingbird cocktail recipe book

A fun book of cocktail recipes that any book-lover can appreciate. Find some great new drink mixes and enjoy the literary twist.

Potty Putter Toilet Time Golf Game

potty golfing kit

Chances are that you know someone who spends way to much time in the bathroom already, so why not give them something to do beyond scrolling through Facebook? Golfing may technically be a sport, but does bathroom golfing count too?

The Screaming Goat (Book & Figure)

screaming goat figure and book

I’m including this in a gag gift list, but honestly, if you show up with this at the next white elephant party, you’re probably going to be seen as the greatest gift giver ever because this is awesome.

I honestly secretly (not so secretly) want to own this screaming goat figurine for myself, so if your intended recipient doesn’t appreciate it, send it this way and I’ll give it a good home.

I pooped bathroom guest book

i pooped guest book for bathroom

A cute piece of decor and something to place in guest bathrooms. Not something you’d typically want in your house, but a fun thing to own and display nonetheless.

Blinker Fluid Car Prank-8 oz EMPTY Bottle

prank container empty blinker fluid bottle

An empty bottle that you can fill with whatever you want. The looks you’ll get on their faces will be well worth the fun efforts though!

Poo-Pourri Before-You-Go Toilet Spray, Original Citrus Scent, 2 oz


Another poop-related gift, but this time it’s a gift that keeps giving. I have heard such great things about this stuff that I honestly want to use it as a stocking stuffer for the men in my life.

Julius Caesar Bust Statue Pencil Holder

julius caesar pencil holder

Do you know anyone who can appreciate humor and history? Besides me, this gift could definitely brighten someone else’s day. Present it as a white elephant gag gift or as a secret Santa gift, it’s a pretty cool item.

Watch Ya’ Mouth Original Mouthpiece Game

watch ya mouth game

If you haven’t seen the hilarious videos on Youtube of people playing this game, you’re missing out on a few minutes of belly-aching laughter. Better yet, buy the game and force a few rounds to be played so that you can enjoy it in person!

Toilet Timer

toilet timer

Adult or child, this toilet timer could come in handy. This could even be a good motivation to keep the toilet hogs from sitting there too long.

Lump of Coal in 2″ Glacial Blue Box

gift box with coal

We always joke that naughty people get coal for Christmas but how many of them actually do? A gag gift or prank for the ages is one in which you can gift a piece of coal. What makes this even better is the pretty presentation and that the coal isn’t some piece of chocolate or gum.

P Is for Pterodactyl: The Worst Alphabet Book Ever

the worst alphabet book ever

A gag gift for parents or for children (it works great for either one!) It’s honestly a really good book, but it’s definitely one that requires a slow reader to go through and pronounce everything correctly.

Fresh Roses to Stank Prank Candle

fresh roses to stinky smell prank candle

It says that it goes from smelling like fresh roses to smelling like a fart after an hour of candle burning. That gives you plenty of time to get away and avoid the smells yourself.

Men’s Can’t Work Today My Arm is in A Cast T-Shirt

cant work today arm is in a cast fisherman tee

Not so much a gag gift as I know a few men that would actually enjoy this shirt, but a white elephant or secret Santa could do well giving a fisherman this shirt for Christmas.

Burrito Novelty Blanket

Burrito blanket

Who wouldn’t love this? Being wrapped in a blanket is an amazing feeling, but being wrapped in a burrito? That’s just a dream come true! P.S. If you know me, this is a gift on my list- hint, hint.

Creepy Party Costume Party Latex Animal Head Mask, Unicorn

Funny Creepy Latex Unicorn Mask

This could be a lot of fun for the party and after! Imagine the fun group photos that will be had or how much laughter will fill the room as people steal this gift back and forth.

Go The F**K To Sleep book

Go the F--k to sleep childrens book

A best-selling children’s book that most parents can relate to. even if you don’t expect an actual child to ever read this book, the commentary and appeal are still there for adults with small children.

Exploding Kittens Card Game

Exploding Kittens card game

I’ve heard such great things about this game set from friends that have it! Not only does it sound fun, but it actually delivers a good time. This is a funny white elephant gift that everyone with a sense of humor will enjoy.

Sushi Socks

socks displayed as a set of sushi

Fun socks are always a fun gift, but getting socks that are presented in a cool way like this really helps to make them even more special. Combining socks and sushi to make a party pack gift idea like this is just genius.

Golden Girls Socks

dorthy from golden girls socks

With a popular show like Golden Girls, these socks will be one of the white elephant gifts everyone will fight for. not only do they look funny, but the novelty and appeal are there as well. P.S. There are other members of the Golden Girls available as well.

Unicorn Photo Frame

Unicorn shaped photo holder decor piece

A fun little piece of decor that can be left up all year long. Unicorns are very popular and trendy right now, so this could work well as a white elephant gift.

Rock Pet Adoption Kit

pet rock adoption kit

What’s the easiest kind of pet to take care of? A pet rock! What makes this gift even cuter is that it’s an adoption kit. Kids will love it and adults will think it’s funny, making it an age-appropriate gift for most players.

Adorable Plush Stuffed Bear that Turns Feisty with a Squeeze

cute to creepy stuffed bear plushy

After learning that my toddler is afraid of these I can honestly say I don’t recommend giving them as gifts to young children under 3 unless you want to traumatize them a little. My 6-year-old, on the other hand, thinks it’s hilarious and wants one.

Keep your white elephant participants in mind and think about whether or not they can handle such a moody bear. If they can, then this is definitely a great gag gift!

And there you have it! Over 20 funny white elephant gifts, everyone will fight for.

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