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Something really important is caring for your eyes. Unfortunately, it can get expensive to show your eyes the proper care that they need. But the longer you wait, the more expensive they become. In this post, I will share with you the greatest website to buy cheap designer glasses online!

In fact, I saved about $700 and spent under $50 for 3 pairs of prescription glasses by using these guys!

3 weeks later, I saved an additional $200 by shopping for my daughter’s glasses! 2 pairs for her for $37 shipped!

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buy affordable glasses online

First, let me quickly explain how NOT EXPENSIVE a traditional eye exam is.

Had I known that it was actually budget-friendly and a quick process… I would have taken better care of my eyes. But I was a young and naive adult learning things on my own and putting off anything doctor or health-related.

The typical eye exam costs $50-$250 without insurance at any number of places. Or you can have the exam free when you buy glasses frames from them. America’s Best is one example, they offer 2 frames for $69.95 and a free eye exam.

But you still have to pay for the prescription glass to fill the frames and after the math- it’s pricey!

Looking for a cheaper solution, I went to Walmart. Without insurance, you can pay $69 at Walmart for an eye exam. Exactly $69, no change, no hidden fees, and no additional charges!

My daughter and I both had our eye exams done at our local Walmart Vision Center.

Aislynn Eye Appointment

After the exam, you get handed a piece of paper with your prescription filled in. Ask for them to measure your pupil distance and they’ll write it on the paper for you too! This makes the buying process easier!

Then take advantage of all the glasses currently hanging up in the waiting room and try on different frames to get a feel for what looks best on you.

See if you like the nose pieces, want thick frames, wacky colors or want a less bottom heavy or distracting frame. This gives you a better understanding of what you’re looking for and can help you find the perfect glasses for your face and personality.

Okay, so now that I’ve told you about the awesome and affordable eye exams, let me tell you where to buy cheap glasses online!

If you haven’t heard about them already, let me introduce you to Zenni Optical.

Zenni is a great website with affordable glasses and the quality is great too!

You often hear people say that “you get what you pay for.” Which means that if you pay for a cheap product, you’ll get cheap product results. This isn’t the case with Zenni. The prices may be cheap, but the quality is comparable to the big name brand designer glasses.

I saved about $900 by shopping with Zenni Optical!

When I went to order glasses for my 5 year old, I made sure to screenshot the process so that I could show some of the super nifty features that this website has to offer!

How to Shop for cheap glasses on Zenni

I chose to look at kids style frames and selected her pupil distance and vision type. The cute designer spectacles could turn any little girl into a fashionista.

Then I noticed the “try on” button on the right side of the screen. Thinking it was as simple as uploading a still-frame picture, but it wasn’t.

The “try-on” actually takes a live recording of your face, turning you slightly from left to right so that it can get the best angle and feel for your face shape!

Example Try On Option

It also has you hold a credit card (or any card of similar size) to your forehead so that it can get a measurement.

After it’s done, it grabs a still image from your recording and displays it trying on every pair of glasses you look at. Making shopping a breeze.

Pupil Distance and Prescription Entry

When you select a pair of glasses to add to your cart, you get to enter in your prescription.

If you went to Walmart for your eye exam, the prescription paper you were handed has these numbers clearly filled out on a form. All you have to do is transfer the numbers.

Then you can choose the lens that you want. Prices vary per person since different prescriptions costs different amounts, but as you can see- there are free standard options and they are very upfront about all costs.

Standard Lense prices

If you want glasses that can change colors depending on the lighting and time of day, Zenni has them!

Photochromic lenses options

I ordered my daughter 2 pairs of glasses, and because I know her well enough to know that she can successfully lose anything- I ordered hers to have her name engraved on the sides.

I will never need to worry about her glasses ending up in the school’s lost and found. Which currently has over a dozen glasses in there! Who doesn’t notice when their expensive name brand prescription glasses are missing?

All I could think about was those poor parents budgets must be crying out right about now. I don’t think any of those glasses were bought on ZenniOptical and some glasses cost as much as a car down payment!

Custom Engraving Options

So I truly felt like having my daughter’s name placed on her frames was by far the most genius moment of my whole motherhood. I recommend it to other parents too!

I chose not to have the Anti-Reflective coating added to her glasses because I couldn’t see a valid reason to do so at her current age. This helped to keep the costs down as well since the “no” option was free.

AntiReflecting Coating Options

So my cart total for 2 pairs of kid-sized glasses, with a custom name engraving on both pairs, cost me $36.75 shipped!

order subtotal

Not bad for buying prescription eye-glasses online!

The price breakdown:

  • My eye exam from Walmart $69
  • My daughter’s eye exam from Walmart $69
  • 3 pairs of glasses for myself $45
  • 2 pairs of glasses for my daughter $37

Total Spent $220.

Had I bought the frames and glasses from Walmart it would have cost me over $900! So add in the eye exams and I would have been looking at spending over $1,000! That’s a lot of money!

Save money and shop smarter for the same coverage and care as other places.

Zenni Optical is the best place to buy cheap glasses online! Without sacrificing quality!

I forgot to mention something- The glasses that you order from Zenni, come with a free cleaning wipe and a hard plastic case! My personal order is shown below for proof and because I wanted to show the pretty frames I got for myself.

My zenni order arrived

If you need your glasses adjusted after they’ve arrived, Walmart offers free adjustments for glasses bought anywhere!

They do have a disclaimer stating that if any incident occurs they aren’t held liable for the breaking of your glasses, but that’s pretty standard.

me in my cheap glasses that i bought online at zenni

So my dear reader, are you ready to get your eyes the proper care they need at a budget-friendly price your wallet needs?

Click on over to Zenni Optical to buy cheap eyeglasses online.

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cheap glasses and eye exams. see how you can stay frugal with these budget friendly ways to get the proper eye and healthcare you need without insurance. cheap prescription eye wear and eye exams with no insurance needed!
cheap glasses and eye exams. see how you can stay frugal with these budget friendly ways to get the proper eye and healthcare you need without insurance. cheap prescription eye wear and eye exams with no insurance needed!
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