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What is a side hustle and do you want one? A side hustle is a term that I use a lot here on the blog and up until now I never fully covered the actual definition of what it was.

Many people choose to have a side hustle, some even have no choice. If the want to pay bills, they need to have the income handy to pay bill right? Electric bills don’t pay themselves and water isn’t free.

One of the biggest money tips you get when you are trying to pay off debt is to increase your income so that you can pay off more. It gives you a bigger shovel and helps to cut down on the time it would normally take to remove those bills from your life forever. Sounds great, right?

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What Is A Side Hustle?

A side hustle is often informally referred to as a side job or even a side gig.

As the name implies, it’s usually done “on the side” of an actual job. Meaning it’s a short (or long term) gig to bring in additional income beyond whatever it is that you normally do.

For example, a stay at home parent might be the one that does all of the budgeting and financial organization for the family, but they may not have an actual “job.” (Trust me, I know it is a job in itself to be a SAHM.)

You can, however, work a side hustle as a stay at home mom, just because your main occupation is homemaker doesn’t mean that you can’t bring in an income.

Many stay at home parents will do small jobs such as babysitting or dog watching while they’re taking care of their kids because it allows them to provide their children with childcare as well as bring in an income.

Another example is working a demanding 9-5 job every day and delivering pizzas part-time on the weekends or some evenings.

Additional Benefits Of A Side Hustle

Beyond the obvious “make extra money” benefit that comes with having a side hustle, there are a few other things that it can do for you that you may not have realized. With a side job, you can easily branch out into new interests to better develop yourself.

Think about it, how many times do you get curious about what your life would be like if you took up a different hobby or experience?

You may be a cashier but you have heard great things about Doordash and are now interested in making that money. A side hustle lets you explore these interests without giving up your job security. 

If you find that you like your side gigs more than your actual job, you can take the steps needed to get a better job that fits your interests and goals.

Nothing ventured is nothing gained, but you don’t know what you’re missing out on until you try something new. A side hustle could be the perfect way to find out new things about yourself.

How Much Money Can You Make Side Hustling?

The answer to this can be a little tricky and different for everybody. Depending on how much time and effort and skill you have, you can make a pretty substantial amount of income every month.

My side hustle brought in a little over $200 the first month I did it and within 6 months I was bringing in over $2,000 a month from it. My income continues to grow as my rates increase and I’m still working maybe 15 hours a week (at most).

That being said, my friend is a SAHM of 3 kids and brings in a TON of money every month with her side hustles. You can read about them all here. She has several side hustles going at any one time, and it’s pretty motivational and awesome.

Common Side Hustle Jobs

If you’re looking for side hustle ideas for 2020, check out these side gigs.


Ridesharing is a popular side hustle (especially in my area). With so many different companies to do ride sharing with, you can have plenty of money-making opportunities.

Delivering Food 

Doordash and UberEats are just to name a few, but I have seen so many new companies popping up lately that I can’t keep track of them all. To work one of these as a side hustle you’ll need a form of transportation and will need to download a phone app. Once someone orders food from a fast food place or a participating restaurant, you pick it up and deliver it to them. Easy money.

Delivering Groceries

InstaCart in 2019 brought out a new job position, it used to be that you had to go into the store, buy groceries and then deliver them. Now they have an instore only position and a deliver groceries option. So if you choose to not drive, you’re still in luck and have a chance at this side gig.

Side Hustles From Home


Starting your own blog is a lot of time and money upfront, but the rewards are pretty great. Without my blog I would never have realized what I wanted to be “when I grow up.” It taught me so many skills including coding and after a year it started to pay for itself.

Online Freelancing

I do this as my side hustle. My main job is the blog, but I freelance write blog articles for several clients in different niches including nonprofits, camping, and food blogs. I started in May of 2019 and by December I was bringing in over $2,000 a month from it alone. 

What’s great about freelance writing is that you can set your own hours and rates. I get paid $35 an hour to write things that I enjoy and love. That’s a rate I chose myself, that I am happy with, and that my clients pay happily. I do claim taxes on all of my freelancing income though, so, unfortunately, I don’t get to keep every penny, but I’m legal.

I took a freelance writing course to help give me the confidence and skills needed to branch out and try this side hustle, and I have never regretted it.

VA Work

Virtual Assistants are another side hustle you can do from home. Not only that but its a pretty in-demand job. Saving someone else time and effort by doing small virtual tasks pays your bills, helps your clients, and gives you new skills at the same time. Customer service, graphic design, marketing, and more!

Upselling or Reselling

How much clutter do you find in your house (especially kids’ toys or clothes that aren’t being worn?) So many people have these things that selling some things here and there is a great way to bring in some money during the week. 

Selling used stuff online can be a chore, especially with all of the stupid questions you’ll get from people who can’t read your ad. That being said, it is also a great way to minimalize your home while bringing in money from things that would otherwise end up in a trash pile.

Making and Selling Crafts

Selling homemade items is a great way to bring in money from home while getting to explore your creative side. There is an endless amount of ideas for things that you can make from home and sell. Check out these ideas for things that you can make and sell.

Unique Side Hustles

Amazon Selling

You don’t have to have some big company or make things in order to sell stuff on Amazon. Ou can honestly set yourself up with a sellers account, download an app and then buy cheap discounted items at stores (think after holiday clearance when stuff is marked WAAAYYY down).

Buy it upfront, send it to Amazon and sell on your account. They’ll do the shipping, and you only touched the merchandise to buy it and send it to Amazon. Money rolls in and you’re good to go.

This is a great side hustle job you can do from home, but so few people actually do it or do it well so I urge you to definitely do research about it before trying. Also, it helps to have the start-up funds to purchase items upfront.


You know what it is, you may have stayed in one, but have you ever listed a room in your house (or your whole house) out for an Airbnb? Probably not. That’s what makes this a unique side hustle-not a lot of people choose to do it.

If you live in a high tourist area, having your home used as an Airbnb a few times a month is a great passive side hustle idea.

Side hustles are an incredible way to bring in money and explore new opportunities. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for common work from home jobs or side hustles for mom. If it brings in extra money, it can probably be classified as a side hustle.

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What are some of your favorite side hustles?

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What is a side hustle? A question so many people are afraid to ask. Click through to see the answer. What a side hustle is, why you want one, and how it can benefit you and your family. #sidehustle #sidejobs #income #extramoney
What's a side hustle and why you need one. These days having a side hustle can be the difference between paying your bills and having bills go into collections. Thankfully I broke down the answer to the question you've been asking yourself, "What is a side hustle and why do I want one?" #sidehustle #sidejobs #extramoney #income
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