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Making an income through side hustles, passive income or another source of revenue is becoming a pretty popular search these days.

A lot of people, including the stay at home parents are looking for creative outlets and hobbies that can not only give them a chance to express themselves but also make money. So I’ve compiled a list of easy crafts that make money

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Craft items you can make and sell:

Physical products:

If you are good with a paintbrush, pencil, chalk or textures you can make art pieces. My sister is an artist, college student, mother and works part-time. She sells art pieces for over $100 each on her Etsy page for additional income.


crafts to make and sell jewelry

Jewelry is a pretty vast idea. There are a huge number of ways that you can make jewelry and sell it for profit. Beading necklaces, using wire or chains. Earrings are popular with the ladies.

Two of the biggest ways I see people successfully selling earrings is through Facebook marketplace. The two biggest selling earring types that I see are leather cut dangle earrings and plastic pearler beads melted in the oven to flat discs, given a vinyl design and then earring backs glued on to them to make cute post earrings. These are both fairly inexpensive to make too!

Picture frames

Custom making picture frames requires wood cutting tools unless you get crafty and make them another way.

You can take this one step further and make hand painted (or vinyl) canvas pictures. Buying a large blank canvas sign with a wooden frame is expensive in stores, but the materials to make them yourself are incredibly cheap!

Here’s a photo of a wooden sign I made for my family, currently hanging in our kitchen.

craft items to make and sell wooden frames

I purchased the canvas roll on Amazon for $15 (giving me enough to make several.) The wood was less than $2 from Home Depot and I cut it to size. The small container of wood stain was about $5 and I hardly used any! Attached to the back with staples, glue and furniture pins.

Key chains

crafts to make and sell keychains

There are a billion people in the world, and most of them use key chains to keep their keys organized. When you live in the south and have an Aldi store nearby, or live near any store requiring a quarter for a shopping cart- key chains that hold a quarter, are often really popular!

Other great key chain ideas would involve beads or leather stamping so that you can customize them to the customer. Customized gifts are really hot sellers, no matter the craft.

Vinyl Decals

craft items to make and sell vinyl

If you have a Cricut machine, you can make vinyl decals for windows, walls, coffee mugs and more. Heat transfer vinyl is the vinyl used for clothing and fabrics. This craft can cost a bit of startup money, but there is a lot of diversity with it. Which really helps if you’re like me and can’t stand to look at one thing for too long.

Body scrubs

crafts to make and sell body scrub

You can make body scrubs with things in your own home! It’s that cheap and easy! Some of my personal favorites include used ground coffee. It smells great gives old grounds a new chance at life.


crafts to make and sell candles

You can buy candle making starter kits from any number of craft supply stores. Try your hand at it and see if this is something you’d like to pursue. It can otherwise get costly to start up this hobby.

If candle making is something that you enjoy, there are so many ways you can market it. Doing vegan or soy free candles are huge sellers. Finding creative things to add into the candles such as dried flowers, small foil wrapped jewelry or custom made scents can help you be successful at selling all year long.


crafts to make and sell soaps

Homemade soap and shampoo bars do really well too! Especially the bar soaps with dried flowers or oatmeal. Luxury bars to indulge upon during a stay at home spa day for mom or for the environmentalists. Another type of soap bar I see do well are those made with goat milk or honey!

Lip balm with beeswax

crafts to make and sell lip balm

Homemade lip balm can be a pretty easy craft that makes money and gives a good return on the crafting start-up investment. These can be made allergen friendly and marketed in so many ways with different scents or flavors.

Essential oil mixes

crafts to make and sell essential oils

This craft can be a little harder to get a good start in since there are MLM groups currently selling essential oils on every social media platform. But if you can find a way to do it that’s unique, you may have a shot!

Floating Ornaments

Personalized Family Holiday Christmas Ornament Red Truck With Tree
Personalized Family Holiday Christmas Ornament Red Truck With Tree

These do well around the holidays and cost under $2 each to make! You can see my tutorial here. I made floating ornaments last year for under $2 and sold them for $10-$15 each as a side hustle I had going, without fail or trouble. This isn’t a craft overly saturated and making them is so incredibly easy and NOT time-consuming. It’s pretty easy money.

Bath bombs

crafts to make and sell bath bombs

Bath bombs are super popular. The most expensive part of starting is buying the reusable molds to make them in. That being said, I had seen people successfully making and selling bath bombs that they made in their muffin tins at home. That’s one way to cut down on your costs!


There is no shortage of the ways you can make a blanket. Crochet, knit, and sew are just 3 of the popular methods.

You can also collect old denim jeans and make heavyweight blankets from them, with flannel on one side to keep it cozy. These are great winter blankets and are pretty unique.

Repurposed furniture

crafts to make and sell repurpose furniture

Have you ever seen people giving away old furniture because it no longer suited their needs, but was otherwise a good piece? Take it and give it a good makeover using paint, new hardware or repurpose it into something new, like turning a dresser into a tv stand. Then you can turn around and sell it for money.

Baby hair bows and headbands

crafts to make and sell baby headband

If you’ve ever had a kid and joined a moms group, you’d see how crazy some women get with buying big hair bows and headbands for their newborn daughters or little girls.

This is a really easy craft to get into with minimal costs. The hardest part is watching youtube videos and learning the bow making techniques. You can double your profits (or more) if you made matching tutu’s.

Baby hair bow storage

Obviously, with all the hair bow buying, there needs to be a cute way to store it, right? Exactly.. See a need, fill a need. Some of the cutest ways I have seen people make good bow storage is by taking an oversized picture frame and attaching ribbons. Then moms can simply pin the bows and headbands to it. This makes it easy to see, looks cute, and doesn’t take up much space.

Custom tumblers

craft items to make and sell custom tumblers

This is one of the tumblers that I have personally made. The start-up cost is pretty expensive with each stainless steel tumbler ranging from $5-$15. Then add in the cost of FDA approved epoxy, spray paint, glitter, and designs. But you can also make good money from them when you get established and good at it. Most tumblers I see start selling at $40 when they’re done.

Dog Treats

crafts to make and sell dog treats

Homemade dog treats can be a big seller with the canine lovers. Finding healthy treats for their pups without added chemicals is a big thing for a lot of people. Check out Etsy and see how many creative ways to market these there are I personally had no idea they were this popular!

Pallet projects

how to make a rustic wall poster

Pallets are often given away for free, or very low cost. Furniture made from them is very popular with people who enjoy the rustic appeal. My biggest issue with them is how difficult they can be to take them apart.

So I offer you this cheaper alternative idea- Buy wooden fence posts from Home Depot and have them cut to size. You can enjoy more time crafting and less time screaming at a wooden pallet. See how I made the image above.

Things to make with yarn and sell for profit:

My mother is great at any craft project involving yarn. It’s a craft that doesn’t come cheap, but it can make a good profit when you sell items. The hardest part is saying goodbye to the labors of love that you got to know during your time together.

Crochet boot cuffs

Fashionable and easy to make. These are great for accessorizing in Fall and Winter.

Knitted wash rags

We actually have several of these in our own home. They look cute and work really well!

Knitted scarves

crafts to make and sell scarves

Scarves are really great because they can be as funky and fun as you want them to be. Or you can go for a more classy and fashionable look. Either way, they’re easy to make and keep your neck warm!

Crocheted or knitted arm warmers

crafts to make and sell knitted

crocheted arm warmers are a very easy project for beginners if you’re not super confident with your crochet skills yet. It’s as simple as making a rectangle and then stitching up the side to include a hole for thumbs.

Crochet coffee cup cozy

These are also really easy beginner level crochet projects that you can make and sell. Customize them with different colors and as your skills increase you can get fancier and offer other variations.

Paper products to sell:

Paper products are in HOT DEMAND lately and require practically NO start-up costs or real effort. Once you make the design, it becomes a pretty passive form of income.

By offering paper products like digital products, you remove a lot of expenses on your part because there is no longer ink, paper, or shipping to consider.


Making blank calendars and selling them is pretty easy. These go great for people with bullet journals looking to stay organized.


crafts to make and sell planners

There are a lot of different types of planners out there. Meal planners, to-do lists, chore charts, etc. These can be really big sellers and are incredibly easy to make thanks to Power Point or Google Docs.


I make budgeting related worksheets all the time thanks to this blog, but you can make them for just about anything! They do really well and the ones that are made extra pretty usually do the best. So get creative and get the design to look great and you can make some nice money. Best part is that you only have to make them once, after that it’s just saving them as a pdf or printing them.

Coloring Pages

crafts to make and sell coloring pages

Coloring pages for kids or for adults, they both do really well. Everyone likes to blow off some steam and spend a few hours coloring once in a while!

Bullet Journal Pages

Bullet journals are becoming more and more popular as people struggle to organize their lives. These can be useful and pretty.

Scrapbook Pages

If scrapbooking is your thing, you can always decorate pages and get them ready so all that the buyer has to do is add their own pictures.

Digital Products:

Printable downloads

Printable downloads are super easy to make for most things. Just save them in the correct format and you can use them over and over again.


If you’re a good photographer or looking for experience, you can sell your photos pretty much anywhere. Stock photos do really well!

Sewing patterns

crafts to make and sell sewing patterns

Making your own sewing pattern and selling it as a download can give you a pretty passive income for a long time. The hardest part is making it understandable, and then after that you just keep it updated or set it and forget it.

Crochet/knit patterns

Pretty similar to the sewing patterns, you can make and sell your own crochet or knitting patterns. People really enjoy learning to make unique projects. If you can write down a pattern for something unique, you could have a great profit maker on your hand.

SVG or PNG files for crafters

If you have a Cricut machine or a Silhouette machine, you know that designs are uploaded in SVG or PNG format. These help to diversify the cutting layers for the machine.

Thanks to several different free websites out there, you can make almost any image or design into these formats with the click of a few buttons!


crafts to make and sell ebooks

Do you know something that other people don’t? Are you so skilled in something that you could write a How-to book? or creative enough to write a short story about anything?

Writing your own eBook and uploading it to sites such as Amazon, Etsy or another eBook seller can bring you some great money as well as help you establish yourself as an author.


Thanks to websites like Teachable, making eCourses online is really simple and has no costs up front. The only cost is a percentage of what you sell. If you are able to write a how-to eBook, you could probably find it pretty easy to modify that book into a full course with step by step instructions to follow along.

I hope you enjoyed this list of easy crafts that make money!

Are you a crafty person?

What are some of your favorite crafts to make or sell?

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35 crafts you can make and sell for profit. Great idea for a side hustle or business from home.
35 crafts you can make and sell for profit. Great idea for a side hustle or business from home.
35 crafts you can make and sell for profit. Great idea for a side hustle or business from home.
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