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As a SAHM of 2 kids I know just how hard it can be to rely on your spouse for an income and how difficult it can be to be a one-income family. Especially during the summer, when the older kid is home from public school and requesting 3.5 million snacks and popsicles per day.

Kids can easily blow a budget right out of the water during school breaks and it is crazy to see just how much food they can put away when it isn’t mealtime.

This summer my husband and I decided to make a change with our finances

We wanted to really “knuckle down” and dig deep to bring in extra money.

We’ve actually been pretty successful at it.

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nicole and bret

How my husband brought in more money:

In late June my husband started a part-time night job (10pm-3am) for $13 an hour. He was bringing home between $250-$300 a week and after he is there long enough, he gets a pretty awesome benefits package.

By Aug 1st his hourly pay had been raised to $15hr. Gotta love how unions work!

In August there was an opening for supervisor positions. Thanks to his 8 years in the Army, he had been given plenty of experience in a supervisory role and because he was currently an employee, he looked pretty favorable compared to an outsider.

He applied for the job and within two weeks he was promoted to Supervisor.

From unloading trailers to supervisor within 1.5 months. Not only does the new job mean he has less of a physical strain on his body, but he also gets another pay increase. He now brings home a salary pay that works out to $19hr.

The hours are the same, and there is no chance of overtime unless something happens and it becomes mandatory. But his pay more than makes up for it compared to where he was a few weeks ago.

kids and husband at the zoo by raven statues

How I am bringing in money this summer:

My passive income:

Thanks to the ads on this blog, I made $187 from Google Adsense. Every time people view or click ads, my pay increases so the daily pay rate fluctuates between $0.00 and I think the highest single day was about $8.

In case you didn’t know, that’s how ads on websites work. The owner gets paid for views and clicks. It works the same for mobile apps and other things too, and it’s pretty cool because it’s passive income. Set it up once and let time and foot traffic do the rest.

My side hustles:


I babysit for a friend who works part-time, minimum wage. I charge whatever she can pay and don’t expect much. So far the rate seems to be about $10 per day for a 3-5 hour day. I watch her daughter about 1-2 days a week if that.

Living in an area with a high cost of living, and having kids of my own, I really see it as more of a chance for the kids to socialize more than anything, but this summer I’ve made $180 from babysitting.

Freelance writing:

I mentioned in a previous post about how I took an amazing freelance writing course and how it changed my life and that I loved it. All of which is still 100% true.

Also, this summer, I have been incredibly successful with freelance writing!

Write your debt off mockup

I chose one writing platform to focus all of my efforts on and master- and I feel I’ve done just that! Why be so-so at multiple platforms when you can master one?

But the end of summer (when my kid goes back to school in September) I made over $3,000 from freelance writing.

This doesn’t include my hourly freelance gigs (which fluctuate weekly) or any possible jobs that I could get hired to do. I’m not psychic, so I can’t see the future. I could easily get invited to a job tomorrow and take it, which would add to my income.

So to recap, my income received this summer:

  • Babysitting $180
  • Blog ads $187
  • Freelance Writing $2,603
  • Total $2,970

With freelance writing, there is a slight delay in payment, just like a regular work environment. I have one client who pays monthly so I’ll get additional money from her on the 5th of September for the work completed in August.

Total money pending (hasn’t hit my account) but was for the work completed in August includes:

  • $159 from the client just mentioned
  • $363 pending cash, that I should have deposited by Sep 5th
  • Total $522

$2970 + $522 = $3,492 earned from July 1st- Aug 31st

I also have $780 that will be earned from the current jobs that I am working on, although those won’t be finished until we are a few days into September, so they don’t really count as summer will be over by then.

Also, if you are interested in freelance writing, I created an eBook to help everyone to master the same platform that I use. It can be bought off of Etsy by clicking this link.

I include how to get high paying clients and have them find you. How to get started, etc. This eBook was a labor of love and is very thorough.

Write your debt off spiral bound

It’s honestly not hard to jump into freelance writing.

There is a small learning curve, but unlike MLMs or other side hustles where there might be a lot of start-up costs, freelance writing doesn’t have costs.

You can start for free, and then slowly build your career with investment purchases such as better grammar programs like Grammarly. But even so, it’s not like you need to do it. you can choose to do it or to accept the free tools.

Speaking of free, besides earning extra money this summer, we have been extra frugal.

Tightening our budgets as much as possible so we can pay off our truck loan by Christmas. -That’s the goal we set for ourselves!

How we’ve been saving money this summer

We have been doing a lot of frugal family activities like going to the park. We’ve had a few barbecues and picnics this summer that has been a lot of fun with our friends and family.

Every Sunday our family (and close friends who PCSed here this summer,) get together at my parent’s house and have dinner together and family game night. Watching movies, or playing games like Pictionary or having a campfire and smores in the backyard.

aislynn and samuel throwing rocks at the beach

We’ve also gone to the beach and enjoyed a nice stroll along the rocky shore. It’s been a lot of fun watching the kids throw rocks and try to find shells and sea glass.

Not so frugally, we went to the zoo to walk around and see the animals. It cost us 4 a total of $60 to get in, plus $4 parking. We had a picnic lunch outside prior, so we avoided buying anything extra while we were in the zoo.

It almost makes me wish that we were back on food stamps because we could have gotten in for under $15 if we had an EBT card. Low-income families get special discounts for zoos and museums!

ais and sam at the zoo

We’ve also done a lot of fishing!

My husband has more patience for it than I do and he’s been trying to teach our daughter. Unfortunately, 99% of the fish that has been caught has barely been the size of a bite so they were all returned to the lakes.

We reduced our grocery budgets from $700 to $300 because my son advanced far enough on the dairy ladder that he no longer has any signs of intolerance and we can enjoy dairy in our lives again! This is huge news for us because vegan labeled anything is immediately expensive!

We celebrated by going to the mall and enjoying my first Cinnabon in years and his first- EVER! Happy to say that he loved it!

aislynn and sam eating cinnabon

We’ve had a very successful summer because we set our minds to be this way.

My husband and I set a long term goal and other goals between here and there.

We each set up our own steps to help us get to these goals, and while some steps are the same, others are different. We walk two paths side by side, trying to get to the same finish line.

We’ve also made sure to set small rewards along the way so that we don’t get burnt out and lose focus.

So this summer, not only have we been making money thanks to working harder at our jobs or side hustles, but we’ve also been extra frugal and enjoyed more time together as a family.

It’s been a great summer!

Have your side hustles this summer been fruitful for you?

Have you been extra frugal and cutting costs?

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