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How we managed to stay afloat from February through April

By the time our tax refund came in mid to late February, we were a few weeks late on bills. (Most are due around the 1st-14th)

My husband’s new part-time job was 2 weeks slow on paying but paid weekly. So once the paychecks started rolling in, it was nice.

Just enough income to pay for the truck loan, insurance, electric and water. Leaving mortgage, loans and credit cards unpaid.

Our tax refund was caught them up and let us get an entire month ahead on bills.

It felt fabulous to be ahead for once.

We saved a tiny portion for future bills and used the rest to invest in a small work shed so my husband could craft wood furniture like he dreamed of doing, in order to provide an additional source of income.

We felt so strongly that we could succeed if we tried, and since nothing ventured is nothing gained, we went for it.

The first thing he made was a coffee table for me for my birthday/Easter.

He worked hard for days to design and create a beautiful flawless coffee table.
He worked hard for days to design and create a beautiful flawless coffee table.
The completed Handcrafted Table my husband built for me.
The Completed Handcrafted Table my husband built for me.

and made/sold a queen size pallet platform bedframe to his boss

Queen size pallet bedframe my husband built.
Queen size pallet bedframe my husband built.

By mid-April, we realized we weren’t getting anywhere and that we were getting further down the hole of debt.

We were trying to help increase our income, I continued to sell crafted items and my husband did a few odd jobs for quick cash.

I was using cash back apps for grocery purchases, such as ibotta.

Shop with Ibotta in-store and online get up to $20 in Welcome Bonuses!

I was doing paid surveys online with the Pinecone Research group every chance I got.

The VA finally gave my husband a rating and started paying him disability.

Unfortunately, he only got 20% disability, which is a joke considering that standing for more than a few minutes at a time is too much for him physically.

Leaving us to now investigate appealing and hiring lawyers to try and get a higher rating.

Obviously, we needed that added stress, right?

Not only that, but my daughter was going to start kindergarten that Fall and had been regressing ever since I got pregnant with our son. Bed wetting, talking back, tantrums, and more. NOT something I was prepared for.

I had gone 100% dairy free March 11, because I self-diagnosed my son with a dairy allergy. 

Which now had us going crazy with our food budget because anyone who’s ever done a dairy detox can tell you-

you crave things worse than a pregnant lady.

Things were getting hectic, like a snowball going down a steep hill, growing in speed and size.

So many things piling one on top of the other until finally, we had had enough.

One more incident came about and that was the final straw.

I broke down in tears, ugly crying, hysterical and moody for days. 

Then my husband had an idea, and within 45 minutes we had decided to sell everything and move back home in less than a month’s time.

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