Publishers Clearing House is a direct marketing company that is famous for their Prize Patrol.

Someone knocking on your door to announce that you are a winner and will receive amazing prizes or cash for the rest of your life.

I’m afraid my dogs may have scared them away. That MUST be the reason I don’t have a comically large check delivered to me yet.

If you follow my blog you’ve seen past posts where I’ve gone into detail about our struggle for a steady income.

You’ve seen a job gain, and a job loss.

Seen me get desperate for quick cash.

You’ve read about my job attempt, where I ugly cried when it failed and was comforted by a bad Nicholas Cage movie.

Seen where that blog post ended on a good note as it turned into a blessing in disguise. And you’ve seen the conversation that started this blog and how I financed it.

You’ve seen a lot and will continue to do so, so long as you remain a reader. I’m an open book with my life and 100% real about everything.

I’m really proud of this blog and how far and fast it’s grown, the joy it brings to see my views go up daily is amazing.

In fact, the pages views have doubled in the past 2 days alone!

That’s Fantastic! 

Everything online is going great and getting better as time progresses.

Outside of the internet though, out here in the real world, things are getting more hectic as we enter the busiest time of the year.

This morning I stood at the bus stop with my daughter, wearing my South Park Stick of Truth Pajama bottoms, an oversized hoodie to cover the unbrushed mom ponytail, while drinking from my cow udder coffee mug. 

I love this mug so much. I had to show it. my super amazing cow udder mug struggle today strength tomorrow.
I love this mug so much. I had to show it.

As I was standing there, my daughter decided to name the rocks and arrange them into a line. I compiled a mental note of all the things coming up that will soon cost us money.

She has a field trip October 4th, to a pumpkin patch $10. Thankfully, I paid that already, so any additional cost should be minimal.

field trip pic

October 5th is school picture day, and since it will be her first ever school photo, I want to buy a traditional package.

Which will no doubt be $20+ for the cheapest package available.

Another idea is to locate an amazing photographer for a mini session, but to me, that sounds more suited for 1st grade through high school.

Then there’s yesterday when she brought home a flyer advertising hat days. For $1 per day, she can wear a hat all day at school.

The soonest date is in 6 days, but it looks like there’s at least one day a month so far. So she has several future opportunities to participate.

Also got a flyer announcing the Jog-a-Thon that’s happening in 8 days, school want’s donations and pledges.

With a goal of raising $5,000 and the kid who raises the most gets to be principal for a day.

The thought of my child running a school is funny I can see it now, pizza for lunch, recess all day and no homework.

Then we have Halloween costumes to look for.

My son’s first birthday next month.

My sister’s baby shower the following month and holiday gifts for the kids.

So, to conclude this post I’d like to say that if anyone sees the PCH Prize Patrol, send them this way.

I’ll put the dogs up and answer the door on the first knock.

im still waiting for publishers clearing house to knock
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