May 18th is my daughter’s birthday and it just so happened to fall on a weekend. My sister and her husband hadn’t seen us in a few years, and around March/ early April they purchased plane tickets to come down and surprise the kids for her birthday.

*Backstory given because it played a roll in our decision to move.

A decision that only took us 45 minutes to agree to move across country, and get the rest of my family on board with.

Why don’t we move back to Washington?

Well.. That lead to…

Why DON’T we? What’s stopping us?

We have nothing here but a mortgage. No longer have tied to the military, so no contract to stay put. No schools to take the kids out of, no significant jobs, no family, no support. We only had 2 real friends left in the area (which we miss) but other than that there was nothing here for us.

We realized if we moved across country, we had to do it fast.

Sending a group chat message to my family back in Washington. Asking what they thought of the idea. Within a few short minuted everything was decided. 

We would live in a bedroom of my parent’s home.

My sister bought plane tickets for me and the kid’s so we could fly up together after their visit and my husband could drive up our pets and remaining stuff/vehicle. 

Since this was my first flight ever, I had two extra hands to help me with the kids, which was great. The move across country will be smoother with more helpful hands!

Of course, this also meant we had less than 1 month to be ready and out the door.

School registration means updating vaccines, and that alone takes time to schedule appointments, doctors, tracking down the immunization records being held hostage by military hospitals, etc. 

We couldn’t fit 2 adults, 2 car seats, 1 german shepherd, 1 cat, 2 incredibly large “dwarf” bunnies and a pot belly pig in our 4 door truck, even if we sold everything but the clothes on our back.

We weighed the pros/cons of EVERYTHING trying to find the best solution for everybody. The hardest part was we had to rehome 3 of our pets. Bunnies and pigs are considered farm animals, and against the parent’s rental agreement. 

So the bunnies went to live with a lady who runs an animal rescue and our pig went back to the pig farmer we got her from. We get updates and photos about here now and then, which is nice. She got herself a boyfriend shortly after her arrival and didn’t waste much time getting to know him. 

Now we downsize all our possessions.

Facebook marketplace, local buy/sell groups, yard sale every weekend.

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Dear God, it was HORRIBLE.

Not only were there so many flaky people, but I never realized how many illiterate people there are out there.

Low ballers, people wanting us to drive 40 minutes to deliver an item I only wanted $5 for.

It was a fulltime job and headache keeping up with everything.

Comment down below if you know this struggle.

And that was just the preparation for the move across country. We still had to ACTUALLY MOVE!

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