Let me start this off by saying that I am not in any way to be considered a doctor. I just like researching and learning things. If you have questions I recommend educating yourself on the subject and asking medical professionals for opinions.

How I came to discover my son’s intolerance to dairy

When my son was 2 months old he was on a strict breastfed only diet.

His poops were like clockwork, he was gaining weight like crazy and honestly, I didn’t think anything about his spitting up or reflux.

My son at 3 months and 2 days old. As you can see, he isn't starving.
My son at 3 months and 2 days old. As you can see, he isn’t starving.

My firstborn didn’t spit up nearly as much, but I know babies are different and receiving blankets are a big wish listed item for a reason.

So I pushed that thought to the side.

At night, during night feedings, I discovered if I leave my son perfectly flat while feeding him, or putting him back in his bassinet, he wouldn’t spit up or cry out at night.

These nights, lead to a lot of sleep deprivation and waking up with him in bed on my chest and, no recollection of him getting there. 

Arms reach co-sleeper bassinet, sleep sack and my baby boy.
Arms reach co-sleeper bassinet, sleep sack and my baby boy.

By 3 months he started getting irregular.

My little man had been a 3 time a day pooper. It was like clockwork. I scheduled my days and errands around his bowel movements. #ParentingGoals

I started panicking around day 4, but I was reassured that it’s normal for breastfed babies. 

By day 10 I was trying something every day to help him out. Stimulation, tummy massages, warm baths, etc. anything to help him out.

Day 14 came and I could see him in pain.

I gave him a half an ounce of pear juice and within 1 hour I had a full diaper. 

This time I could visibly see slime in his diaper, and the stench was awful.

He went 10 more days before the next poop and that one had not only contained slime, but also blood.

Which brought me to researching on Google, WebMD and asking mommy groups.

I had previously noticed he spit up more if I had yogurt or cereal within a few hours. Of course, I had pushed it off to coincidence, until I started researching.

I never drawing the lines to connect the dots…

Based on the shade of the blood he had in his diaper, I knew it was a gut issue.

The more I researched, the more I learned.

I was determined to find the cause and root of this situation.

Surprisingly, it didn’t take long to narrow it down. 

The answer was clear

Dairy Allergy/Intolerance

Not to be confused with Lactose intolerance. It’s an inward allergy to Dairy. Instead of reacting on the skin, with hives like normal allergies, the issues and reactions happen inside the gut and immune system reacting negatively to the proteins in cow milk. 

I found out that it’s so common with babies that my own cousin had this allergy as a baby. Which honestly made it easier to explain to my family since they’d been there/done that. 

All of these symptoms he had been having the past few months, the same ones I pushed aside thinking it was because of something else…

Everything now made sense.

Everything from the reflux he’d been suffering from for months, now had a reasoning behind it.

I joined a Facebook group for other dairy-free breastfeeding mothers explained my son’s situation and asked if it sounded like I was on the right track.

Turns out I was.

The ladies in there pointed out symptoms their own babies had. Educating me further on how wide the symptoms could be and how easily they can be dismissed if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

I discover that to clear all traces of dairy from our systems, we had to be dairy free for 8 weeks. 4 weeks to clear out of my system and then 4 weeks for his.

It had to clear my system first, then his.

My happy son getting some tummy time
My happy son getting some tummy time

Challenge accepted.

This was our first month of food stamps and I failed to do a 100% dairy free shopping trip.

We ran out of money before I realized that all of the non-dairy creamers I stocked up on…had dairy

and “I can’t believe it’s not butter” …had butter…

Why do these companies lie like this?

Horrible Trickery.

I felt like I couldn’t eat anything and that every. single. thing had milk as an ingredient. I was starving most of the time, trying to at the very least, reduce my dairy intake.

I focused more on the dairy-free group I had joined only to realize my food options weren’t as limited as I had thought.

Unfortunately, I had to wait until the following month, March 12th before I could go shopping again.

After having gone through that food challenge the previous month I couldn’t bear to waste anything.

So I did my best to use all the dairy items and started planning like crazy for the next grocery haul so I could be committed and ready with a shopping list in hand.

March 11th, 2018 was my first day 100% dairy free.

8 weeks later and my son almost never spits up. His gas troubles have faded away and he’s now a very regular little pooper. Even with solids being added into his diet at 6 months old, he’s much better off then he was before our diet change.

At one year’s old, he failed the first step of the dairy ladder (baked milk) and showed reactions. So his 1st birthday party was dairy free and very budget friendly.

I made myself a mug to celebrate my new dairy-free lifestyle

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