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Have you ever heard of a bread bakery outlet? If you haven’t, keep reading because I am going to share with you an amazing tip that you are going to want to Google Map as soon as you’re done reading!

Bread and Bakery Outlet stores are places where bread is sold at a discounted price. It’s either from overstock- meaning that the bakery made too much, or the bread is close to expiration date. Either way, it’s going to save you a ton of money and bread is freezer friendly!

There are numerous ways to cut costs on your grocery bill while still eating healthy. Utilizing a local bakery outlet store not only lets you eat healthy grains at a discounted price, but also helps to strengthen and stretch your grocery budgets.

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You can also save money on bread by opting to make your own bread. I did this back when we were unemployed and needed to stretch the meal plan as far as we could before food stamps arrived. However, with limited space in this house and my family being way too active and clinging to me, its no longer an option.

I want to share my latest haul from our local Franz Bread Outlet Store.

We saved almost $100 on our purchase!

Having lived in the South, I know this is just a local brand name for those of us in the Pacific North West. With that being said, I feel the need to disclose that this is my results from my bakery outlet chain. You will no doubt have a different (if not better) experience at your own local bakery outlet if you have one. The best way to see if you have one near you is to use a search engine like Google or use local groups and communities to ask.

My local Franz bakery outlet is a really nifty little hole in the wall-type place. It is so plain looking that the outer design of the store hasn’t changed in years. I swear it looks the same as it did 10 years ago!

The walls are always so fully stocked, and the tiny parking lot may have a couple cars in it, but the place is never busy. I really feel like they don’t get as much foot traffic as they should, but they obviously get paid enough to stay open. So it can’t be too bad.

Every day of the week they have a different sale going. On Mondays, the military gets 10% off, Thursdays are bagels 4 for $5 and Saturdays are Donuts 4 for $5. I forget the rest of the days, but they’re all good savings!

Franz Bakery Outlet also offers Gluten Free items at a discount price!

My sister is a celiac, which means she has a serious gluten allergy. She also can’t have malt, barley, or and her oats have to be certified as gluten-free. So I also keep an eye out for awesome gluten-free deals and make sure to point them out to her and others. Note: We didn’t buy any GF items, I just wanted to share this deal.

*Fun Fact* Some farmers will rotate crops between wheat and oats, to keep the soil rich in nutrients. By rotating the crops they can be assured that the soil isn’t stripped of too much of one nutrient. It’s very common for farms to rotate between wheat and oats. Which is why gluten allergies sometimes react to oats. The oats that were used on a rotated crop field can still yield some wheat like properties. Which is why celiacs trust certified oats over other types– there’s no wheat rotating with the oats. #NoAllergicReaction

This trip to our local Franz was a big one, but it only cost us $33.75

Our Franz bread outlet has items priced cheaper than grocery stores, and then has more discounts stacked on top of it!

There is a discount value wall where everything is 3 for $5, or 4 for $5.

A rack of FREE items that you can claim as soon as your checkout total reaches $10.

For every $10 you spend, you get 1 FREE item off of that rack.

Then there’s a punch card (as shown) where every $10 you spend gets you a punch.

5 punches on your punch card and you get 5 free items from the wall of discounted value items. The same wall where you can get items priced 3 or 4 for $5.

Plus, EVERY TIME you shop with a kid, after you checkout- the clerk asks you permission to give your child a free pack of cookies.

In my experience, they also try to do it in a way where they don’t get the child’s attention. Making it much easier for you as a parent if you want to say no.

This particular trip to the bakery outlet gained us 8 free items!

Not including the pack of cookies, I let them give my daughter. *Full disclosure* We started the day with three punches on our card, filled it up and started this new card (pictured above.)

This is our bread shopping haul. See all the bread our money bought? That’s 29 items pictured, and it only cost us $33.75.

It breaks down to about $1.14 per item!

See below this image to see the comparison shopping I do. I’m about to compare it to my local grocery store prices and show you the retail savings!

What we purchased:

  • (4) Loaves of Seattle brand Garlic Sourdough
  • (8) Packs of 6ct bagels in assorted variety. Sweet Onion Bagels, Blueberry, Plain and Cinnamon Raisin.
  • (4) Packs of English Muffins
  • Franz brand Kaiser Buns
  • (3) Seattle brand french hoagie rolls
  • Franz brand outdoor rolls
  • (3) packs of nine-grain bread
  • Franz Organic The Great Sprouted Bread
  • Franz Organic Great Seed Bread
  • 16oz bag of shell pasta
  • Voortman banana flavor wafer cookies
  • Seattle Whole Wheat Greek Pita Bread

Again, total paid was $33.75 for all of these goodies!

I compared my shopping with my local grocery store to see what the retail value of these items was.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find an exact match for everything. One of the bonuses that comes with shopping at a bread outlet store is getting a bigger variety of items than you can find at a grocery store.

So I substituted flavors and chose the closest exact match on everything not provided at my grocery retailer. I used my local Fred Meyer store because it offered the most exact matched items.

Here’s what my cart was valued at, according to Fred Meyer (Kroger)

my fred meyer local store retailer price comparison bread outlet shopping

The savings was because some of the items were on sale. $9.90 + $120.61 = $130.51. So the retail price on my bread goodies was $130.51. And I only paid $33.75! That’s a savings of almost $100! Well, $96.76 to be exact.

Shopping Local

Saving Money

Getting a better variety of items to buy

Bread and bakery outlet stores are so worth it!

So now that I have shared with you this amazing money saving tip for cutting costs on breads. I hope you all have fun looking for your local discount bread store!

Looking for more ways to cut down on expenses and still eat healthily? Check out these tips for saving money on produce, or for cutting down on meat expenses.

So you have no doubt started looking to see if you have a local bread bakery outlet store near you. I’m curious to know, do you have one nearby? If so, tell me about it in the comments below!

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save money on bread by shopping at a bread bakery outlet store. these can help stretch a budget and make healthy grains affordable
save money on bread by shopping at a bread bakery outlet store. these can help stretch a budget and make healthy grains affordable
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