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the best money making and money saving tools

Save Money & Stay In charge of your budget with these:

Money Saving Phone Apps:


An amazing app for saving money on both groceries and alcohol. With the added cash bonuses and exclusive offers PLUS the fact you can use the rebates on items you used coupons for, it really adds up to big savings on food.

You can check out my review and more details about how Ibotta works by clicking here.

There are multiple ways to make money with Ibotta. Not just from getting rebates back on purchases, but through the cash bonuses and referral program as well!

Learn more and sign up for a for $20 welcome bonus here.

Checkout 51-

This grocery rebate app is my second favorite. It doesn’t have many “extra” cash bonuses but it does offer pretty great rebates. It also has a NEW referral program, so you can get $10 for every person who signs up using your link, when they make their first redemption.

Sign up for a free $10 bonus with Checkout 51 here.

Saving Star-

A grocery rebate app that earns you money back for purchases. This one is different from the others in that it allows you to combine multiple shopping trips for some rebates! This let’s you buy things on sale and on your own time instead of buying it all in one shopping trip. Super convenient. 

Sign up for Saving Star Here!

The Raise App-

Buy and sell discounted gift cards. Signing up with this link gives you a $5 credit to use towards the purchase of any gift card. This is a great way to sell off those unwanted gift cards with awkward balance sizes, or to a store you don’t frequent. Because let’s face it- we all get those. Or you could simply buy a discounted gift card, use it to shop and you just saved yourself money on whatever transaction you make, without needing to pull out a coupon or rewards card. –But using those items do help too!

Sign up for a free $5 credit towards a discounted gift card.

Websites to Save You Money:


Ebates is a money back website. Well, it’s better than that. At no cost to you, they help you to save money by refunding a percentage of your shopping trip to other stores, when you shop through their links. They have a toolbar download and offer to use any coupons they can apply to your cart, saving you even more money.

Sign up for your $10 welcome bonus here.


$10 credit for signing up, often 70% off coupon codes in your email plus 40% of every purchase goes towards helping schools. Schoola is an awesome second hand store for online shopping. Everything from baby sized clothes to maternity and extra large adults, with a formal wear section. It’s where I got my maternity clothes for my last pregnancy for under $3 per item. Customer Service is great and I’ve been a shopper for years.

Sign up for your $10 credit here.


Another great money back website. Shop through their links and you will get a percentage of your trip refunded back to you. I often compare the percentage deals between Topcashback and Ebates, because I never know which one will have the best valued deal, as they change often.

Sign up for Topcashback here.


I’ve had this one installed for a few years, and it has been GREAT! It literally sits in the background, and does nothing but scan your emails for purchase receipts. When a store changes the price of the item you just bought, it sends an automated letter to the company asking for the cash difference. You get a chunk, they get a chunk, and it’s money that you would never have seen otherwise, so really its like you find money! So if you shop online at stores like Kohls, Walmart, or any store with a price match, money back guarantee then Earny could be a great asset to your money saving. It also tracks in store purchases made with secured visa/debit cards or if you push the button to get your receipt emailed at the register.

Sign up to get money back with no effort, here.


Sign up for this one, link it to your email and it will track your online purchases. If a store you shop at has a money back guarantee, stating you can get the cash difference if an item goes on sale after your purchase it, then Paribus works for you. They will contact the store, give all the needed order info and work with the store on your behalf to get that money back into your wallet. I have been a user of Paribus since 2015 and I feel confident in my recommendations of it to you.

Sign up for Paribus here.


Groupon is a website designed exclusively for saving you money. They have physical products you can buy directly from them as well as discount coupon codes, and certificates to save you money at another store, restaurant or website. I use them all the time and have only good things to say about their customer service and site.

Sign up here for a free $10 to use at Groupon.

Make money from home through passive income and side hustles:

Money Making Phone Apps:

Gig Walk-

While it may not be available in all areas, this is definitely one to keep an eye on. It’s super nifty. In my local area I have seen stores request photos of displays and a few questions answered about them. Such as taking pictures of a shelf of bread and confirming that a flyer is hung up nearby adverting the specific bread in question. Super easy task right? It gets better, they want to pay $10 or more for completing the task! It pays through PayPal and makes for a great little side hustle.

Download Gigwalk.


I recently joined this one, but so far-so good. It’s really cool because it asks you about your personal goals with the investing and creates a plan based on what it thinks would be best for you. It’s linked to your bank account and invests fractions of a dollar at a time or you can set it up to take $5 or more pre month (there is a one-time payment option.) When I say fraction of a dollar, I mean that it round up your purchases. Say you spend $19.58 at Walmart, Acorns round the amount up to $20 and takes that $0.42. Investing it on your behalf. Making it another great app to just set and forget.

Sign up for Acorns here.


This app gives you Free stock to invest with, just for joining. You can add in more using your own real money or refer others to earn more stock. I have had an account with them for over a year now and a friend has been with them even longer. She has earned back a couple hundred dollars already! This is a great app for getting your feet wet and trying to understand investing.

Sign up for Robinhood now.

The Panel App-

This one is partially a “set it and forget it” app, but it also asks you a question here and there. Making it a small task requiring app. You leave it on your phone and it tracks where you go. Every few days, open it up and answer questions about where you were and what you did. Example- it might ask if you went to SPECIFIC store and bought SPECIFIC item or thought about buying SPECIFIC item. Super simple, and you get paid just to let it sit there. Answering questions just helps to boost the gain faster. There’s prizes and rewards, letting you cash out with many options including gift cards.

Sign up for Panel app today!

Money Making Websites:


There are a ton of paid research companies out there. This one is my favorite. It pays $3 per survey and you can cash out within 24hrs of doing the survey, with options of cash, gift card, or saving up for a larger prize.

Sign up for Pinecone Research. 


This is both an app and a website, so you don’t even need a phone to make money off of it. What’s great is that it lets you choose from many different tasks to make money. $5 cash credit just for signing up, plus referral bonuses. Games, Videos, Surveys, and so many more things to do. It’s really great being able to make a little money here and there without real effort! Personally, I open the videos and let them play on a browser tab while I do my blogging and other online work. I love that.

Sign up for InboxDollars here.

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