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Making money from home, while out and about or just, in general, is nice. It’s even nicer when you don’t have to put much time and effort into it. Time is money. So below, I am going to list several apps that I personally use and love, which earn me money every day.

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Rebate apps


This is my favorite app. It gives you money back on groceries by simply scanning the barcode and receipts. Also giving cash teamwork bonuses when your Facebook friends use it. AND cash bonuses for several of the purchases. Sometimes offering you full price rebates so items are 100% free. Cashback for alcohol, diapers, fresh produce and more.

It’s great as is, but then add in the referral program and it gets even better! You can earn extra cash when your friends sign up with your referral code. They’ll also get up to a $20 welcome bonus. Sign up for Ibotta now!

Checkout 51

This grocery rebate app is my second favorite. It doesn’t have many “extra” cash bonuses but it does offer pretty great rebates. It also has a NEW referral program, so you can get $10 for every person who signs up using your link when they make their first redemption. Sign up for Checkout 51 here.


Ebates is incredibly popular and it’s not hard to see why. A mobile app, a Chrome toolbar extension and a website all geared towards getting you cash back. Add in the $25 cash bonus you get when a friend signs up using your referral link, it can really add up quickly. Your friends get $10 for signing up too, so it’s a win-win for you both. Sign up for Ebates and start claiming your money!

Investment Apps


This app gives you Free stock to invest with, just for joining. You can add in more using your own real money or refer others to earn more stock. I have had an account with them for over a year now and a friend has been with them even longer. She has earned back a couple of hundred dollars already! This is a great app for getting your feet wet and trying to understand investing. Sign up for Robinhood now.


I recently joined this one, but so far so good. It’s really cool because it asks you about your personal goals with investing and creates a plan based on what it thinks would be best for you. It’s linked to your bank account and invests fractions of a dollar at a time or you can set it up to take $5 or more per month (there is a one-time payment option.) When I say a fraction of a dollar, I mean that it rounds up your purchases. Say you spend $19.58 at Walmart, Acorns round the amount up to $20 and takes that $0.42. Investing it on your behalf. Making it another great app to just set and forget. Sign up for Acorns.

Apps that require doing small tasks


While it may not be available in all areas, this is definitely one to keep an eye on. It’s a super nifty app. In my local area, I have seen stores request photos of displays and a few questions answered about them. Such as taking pictures of a shelf of bread and confirming that a flyer is hung up nearby adverting the specific bread in question. Super easy task right? It gets better, they want to pay $10 for completing the task! It pays through PayPal and makes for a great little side hustle. Download Gigwalk.


This one is partially a “set it and forget it” app, but it also asks you a question here and there. Making it a small task requiring an app. You leave it on your phone and it tracks where you go. Every few days, open it up and answer questions about where you were and what you did. Example- it might ask if you went to a SPECIFIC store and bought a SPECIFIC item or thought about buying a SPECIFIC item. Super simple, and you get paid just to let it sit there. Answering questions just helps to boost the gain faster. There are prizes and rewards, letting you cash out with many options including gift cards. Sign up for Panel app today!


Letting you earn money from watching small video clips, answering questions, getting cash back and then some. Plus when you invite a friend to join (and they do) you get 10% of their earnings forever! That’s simply amazing! Imagine if you could get all your family members and friends signed up, you could easily make some great money out of this! Sign up for Swagbucks here.


You won’t become rich anytime soon with this app, but it’s super easy to use ad payment is really fast (like within a few hours.) Paid straight to your PayPal after answering a question. Get paid $0.25-$0.50 per question. Download 1Q here.

Apps that you can sign up for and forget about


Sign up for this one, link it to your email and it will track your online purchases. If a store you shop at has a money back guarantee, stating you can get the cash difference if an item goes on sale after your purchase it, then Paribus works for you. They will contact the store, give all the needed order info and work with the store on your behalf to get that money back into your wallet. I have been a user of Paribus since 2015 and I feel confident in my recommendations of it to you. Sign up for Paribus here.


Earny works like Paribus does, in the background of your email. Getting your cash back at stores when prices change. But it does MORE than that because they also work on some debit and credit cards as well. I have been with Earny for years and have only nice things to say about them. Again, Highly recommend this app, sign up for Earny now!

Apps that earn you prizes or cash credits

Neighborhood App

First thing- this app shows you real-time crime and events happening in YOUR location. Your neighbors are on there posting about package thefts, cops, suspicious activity, etc. Things you wouldn’t normally hear about, and may freak you out to realize how much is going on without your knowledge.

Secondly- this app gives you a $10 credit per person who signs up under you. This $10 credit can be used at Ring to buy a video doorbell or other home security items. In fact, if you get 10 people to download the app using your link (no cost to them) you can get a FREE Video Doorbell. Now that you’re prepared and aware of what it does, I recommend downloading it and signing up here.


This app is actually a game, and a pretty fun one at that. Every day you get a spinner that determines how many dice rolls you can get for free. I only ever use the freerolls. You get tickets (points) for every single roll and can cash them in for actual prizes. I have redeemed prizes from this app, so I know it is legit. Prizes change often and there are different tiered thresholds, the more points you have, the better the prizes. And it’s 100% free, fast shipping and kills a few minutes of downtime every day. It’s great. Download it now and use my code 3798252 for 30 extra free rolls.


This is both an app and a website, so you don’t even need a phone to make money off of it. What’s great is that it lets you choose from many different tasks to make money. $5 cash credit just for signing up, plus referral bonuses. Games, Videos, Surveys, and so many more things to do. It’s really great being able to make a little money here and there without real effort! Personally, I open the videos and let them play on a browser tab while I do my blogging and other online work. I love that. Sign up for InboxDollars here.

And there you have it!

13 super awesome money making apps to help bring in cash with little to no effort at all! You can see more of my favorite money making apps and websites by looking at my recommendations page. Or see how my friend makes thousands of dollars with her apps as a SAHM.

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Do you have a favorite money making app now included on this list? Share it in the comments down below!

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These 13 mobile phone apps can earn you money in your sleep. Easy money is possible, and these make for a great side hustle and passive income.
Need to make money fast? Here's 11 ways you can make quick cash this week!
These 13 mobile phone apps can earn you money in your sleep. Easy money is possible, and these make for a great side hustle and passive income.
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