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We as parents are used to hearing all of our child’s “wants.” They WANT fast food, they WANT the latest toys or something that someone else has.

Kids are used to getting things for free and sometimes they can become demanding or spoiled. It’s tiring and after a while, you start telling them that if they want it so badly, they should just buy it with their own hard-earned cash.

But in there lies the problem.

They’re too young for legal jobs, so how can they buy their wants?

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Kids Earning Money

Please note that children age 0-4 are excluded from my list of job ideas. Primarily being because they are so young and still barely grasping the idea of helping with chores at home. While they may want things, they still don’t have a good concept of how you buy things with money.

This is the perfect time for teaching them about it though but in an age-appropriate manner. The exchanging of goods and services for something of monetary value doesn’t have to be a complex concept.

Simply playing a money game can help them to grasp the idea of how money works. They can learn how to earn it later.

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Here are 7 ways that a younger kid can earn money

Have a kid? Aged somewhere between 4 and 12?

There are a couple of ways that they can work to bring in their own little income stream.


While I don’t personally believe in giving my kids an allowance, there are many people out there who do. So I’m including it here to accommodate and taking it one step further by suggesting commission-based pay.

Instead of paying your kids for things they should normally do around the house to help out, offer payment for “extra” things. Being a part of a family means helping out and doing your part. They should already be picking up toys and messes that they make.

But offering them money in exchange for stuff outside the norm, that’s an earned commission. If they don’t normally clean toilets, pick up dog poop, fold laundry, or wash cupboards and floors, use it as an opportunity to pay them a little incentive and remove some of those tasks from your own to-do list.

kids running their own lemonade stand to earn money
Children selling lemonade in front of their home

Host a lemonade stand

Hosting a lemonade stand is one of the oldest jobs a kid can do. People love to see cute kids pouring glasses of cold and refreshing lemonade for $.25 a cup. Add to it and include some cupcakes or cookies and you have a successful little business on your hands. Include a jar for tips and your kid can make some good money during the summer months.

Garage sale

There is a lot of things a kid can sell at a garage sale that would earn them a nice chunk of change. Old clothes, toys, and books are just the tip of the iceberg. But they are also a really big drawing point to many families looking for these things.

Every time I host a garage sale, I post about it online and the first responses I receive are always in regard to what child-related things are there. So if your kid wants that new toy, convince them to sell their old unwanted ones first.

It gives them a sense of pride knowing that they earned it, making the new item that much more loved, AND it helps declutter your home. Win-Win.

Sell crafts

Crafts are fairly cheap to make and have such a broad category they can include pretty much anything. Find something your kid is good at and that won’t cost a fortune in start-up costs and see where that takes you.

Some suggested crafts that could sell really well are:

  • bracelets
  • birdhouses
  • edible dog treats
  • slime
  • dreamcatchers
  • bookmarks
  • fridge magnets

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Soda can recycling

Depending on where you live, you may be able to make good money from recycling plastic bags or glass bottles too! But the idea of recycling soda cans is great and easy enough for kids of any age.

Invest in a soda can crusher so you can pack more cans into each garbage bag. Put a flyer up at school, church or in the neighborhood and ask for people to help by saving up their cans for you too.

Save the pop tabs from each of the cans and use them for charity and you have a kid-friendly job that just met 3 of the best criteria.

1- Makes money with little physical effort.

2- It teaches recycling, which promotes love for this Earth and the environment.

3- By donating pop tabs to charity, you just taught your kid to give back to the less fortunate and help others.

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Sell fruit and veggies from the garden

This works best if you actually have a garden, or you can try one of two other methods.

1- Look for free picking locations near you, sometimes there are community garden-type areas that allow you to take as much as you want. I live a few miles from an all-you-can-pick blueberry tree park. Tons of blueberries going unused every year because they weren’t picked fast enough.

2- Go to a pay picking place, and pay for the fruit or veggies you pick. Selling it slightly higher price for a profit.

kids making money at a business meeting

Paid survey’s like KidzEyes

This is a company that wants to give your kid a paid survey. Valid for ages 6 years to 18 years. You can get a $5 sign up bonus after filling out the parental survey and expect maybe 1 or 2 emails a month for your kid to do surveys.

There are games and activities on their website too, as well as contests being held. Honestly, the website seems really wholesome and nice.

23 Ways older kids can earn money (13 years+)

By the time your child is a teenager, they should be getting smarter with their financial earnings and understanding the importance of savings. It’s also a great time to introduce a minimalist lifestyle and getting them happy with what they already have so that they aren’t blowing their paychecks before the weekend is over.

The goal is to make them better with finances than we were at that age and do not have financial regrets.

Mow grass

This is a job so frequently given to teenagers. $20+ per yard really adds up when you keep at it. This job is very big on word of mouth referrals.

During the summer months, adults are often seen on social media asking for referrals on lawn care companies, teenagers for a quick mow, etc.

By doing a few yards and doing well with them, you can easily get more mow jobs as your clients refer you out to friends and family.


Pulling weeds, raking up lawn clippings or leaves, picking up dog poop or doing some light landscaping are all good examples of yardwork that a teen can do.

Help a senior

Teenage kids can earn money by helping out the elderly. By offering services such as helping with chores, washing dishes, light meal cooking or odd jobs, you can help bridge that generational age gap while making some money.

It could also be just as easy to make money for simply sitting with them, watching tv or keeping them company.

kids putting money in piggy banks

Walk dogs

Rover is a great site for finding people looking for dog walkers. Working dog parents can’t always come home to walk dogs during lunch breaks.

Pet sit

Another idea instead of simply walking the dogs, you can pet sit. This opens you up for a better variety of animals and better pay. Like babysitting a kid, but instead you have cuddly critters to play with.

You can often find people wanting someone to stay in their house and watch their pets or simply stop in every few hours to check in on them, refill food dishes and let the animals out to potty. Or you could find a person wanting you to watch the animal in our home overnight while they’re gone on a trip.

Car wash

Washing cars is a cheap start-up business that could earn a good amount of money in a short amount of time. During the summer months, it’s as simple as plugging in a hose and grabbing a bucket and soap. Set up a sign and you’re good to go.

Clean gutters

Older teens can make some good money cleaning gutters. You will need a step ladder though. This is something that would really work well in the fall/early winter after leaves are falling but before the rains start coming in.

Drop ship T-Shirt business

Drop shipping is a great way to make and sell real products without having to do any of the actual man labor. It’s super simple, design an image you want to use and upload it to a company website that does drop shipping, such as Shopify. Sign up for Shopify here, it only costs $9 a month to use.

What’s great about drop shipping companies is that your image and design are used, so you get the look and feel of being a REAL professional. You promote the item and make the sales. They make the product, package the product, and ship the product. You get the money (well, most of it. They have to stay in business too.)

This is an easy passive income idea that any teenager doodling in their notebooks at school could do!

Bake sale

Bake sales go over really well with the older generations. If you have a church it could be as easy as asking for permission to set up a table after service and request donations.

Other places Bake sales do well:

  • Car Washes
  • Yard Sales
  • Apartment Complex Foyer
  • Block Party
  • Community Center
  • College Campus
  • Gas Station
  • Library
  • School
  • Work (or in this case, parent’s workplace)
two business dressed girls stacking money

Wash windows

I wouldn’t recommend letting a teenager wash anything taller than a two-story building for safety reasons, but there is great money to be made in washing windows!

Everyone loves a good, clean window to look through, but this chore is often neglected and forgotten. Or those with back problems or sensitive to smells and chemicals may not be willing to wash them themselves. This is where teens can come in.

Raise feeder mice

This one is here just in case. My mom tells me stories of her growing up and how they raised feeder mice for people with snakes as pets making good money from it for awhile.

I personally get the heebie-jeebies out of this idea, especially if a mouse got loose in my home, I think I’d freak out.

Tutor other kids

If your teen is a good student, they can tutor another kid in that subject. Parents pay a lot of money to make sure their kid is getting a good education.

Do a kids club

Why baby sit 1-3 kids for a family and make maybe $20 for a few hours when you can triple that amount in the same time frame?

Hosting a kids club is a great way to do just that!

Instead of babysitting just kids from a single family, host an event like a party and watch multiple family’s kids. The kids can socialize and wear themselves out. You make so much more money in one night. And as an added bonus it’s super fun, and you can get a ton of referrals from family’s through word of mouth advertisement.

Freelance on Fiverr (have to be 13yr)

Sign up to Join Fiverr here, and become a freelancer of small odd jobs. There’s everything from designing a logo to small writing jobs and more. Find something you’re good at, apply to work it, and make some easy money.

House sitting

If you have a responsible teen, house sitting could be a viable job option. Checking in on the mail, watering house plants, etc. and getting paid for no human interaction, and hardly any effort.

Note: This is not a viable job option if you have a teen that will recreate every party scene ever shown in a movie when a teenager has been left home alone for more than 12 hours.

Up-sell Used Goods

An eye for fashion or prices is great skill to have for this one. Go to a thrift store or yard sale, buy discounted and nice condition old clothes, shoes, handbags worth more than their being sold for. Haggle prices lower whenever you can, and then turn them over to apps like thred up or poshmark.

This works with other items besides clothing, (think furniture) but as a teen, the ways to transport larger items and storing them, can be difficult. So unless these aren’t an issue for you, I’d suggest sticking with smaller goods like clothes.

Booth at a flea market

If you have a local Flea Market or Swap meet, having a booth to sell (or re-sell) items is a great way to get more exposure. People love going to these events to find hidden gems at great prices. A perfect way to spend a weekend for some extra money.

Start your own blog

Kids can earn money just by taking videos of themselves playing on YouTube or opening Easter eggs, it’s not crazy to think that a blog would do well too.

Makeup, fashion, sports, there’s is a market and an audience out there for everything. Video blogging on Youtube is another way to go and could be better for younger minds that don’t comprehend the difficulty of running a blog. Older kids (like teens) might have more success with an actual written blog, and there’s a lot of different ways to monetize a blog.

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Write a book review

There are several dozen websites out there where an author will pay you to give them a book review. Anywhere from $5 to $60+ and you get a free book out of the deal.

Shoveling snow

Okay, so this one is definitely more seasonal of a job, but somebody has to do it. A snow shovel and a bag of salt are all you need, after that its just a matter of staying warm and doing a good job.

Sell popsicles or ice cream

When you think about how much an ice cream cone or otter pop cost at the grocery store, vs how much the ice cream truck gets every time he plays pop goes the weasel as he drives down your road in the hot summer months, this should be an easy concept to grasp.

Buying bulk ice creams from the grocery store and selling them for $1-$2 each can net you a very nice profit. Sell at a carwash, yard sale or garage sale and you have a nice side hustle going.

Make and sell unique greeting cards on Esty

Selling homemade items on Etsy is a great way to make money. There are a lot of people out there making full-time incomes from their Etsy stores.

Making small intricate pieced cards can be made incredibly easy with use of a Cricut machine.

Re-sell used books and textbooks

Buying used books from thrift stores or garage sales and reselling them can be a great way for any kid with a smart phone to earn money. It’s made incredibly simple with an app called BookScouter.

Scan barcodes of books, and it will tell you the value. You can buy and sell from the app too, or take them books over to eBay and try selling there!

Make and sell candles or soaps

This one would do really well for the crafty teens. Kids can earn money by making a custom product and selling to local buyers. You can often find these how-to/ starter packs for candles and soaps at craft supply stores.

Buying a set and trying your hand at it first, can help to avoid buying a ton of products upfront and then realizing that it isn’t for you.

What are some other ways you know that kids can make money? Share in the comments below!

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31 different side jobs and summer jobs perfect for kids ages 4 and up. let them make their own money so they can understand a value of a dollar and save up for something nice.
31 different side jobs and summer jobs perfect for kids ages 4 and up. let them make their own money so they can understand a value of a dollar and save up for something nice.

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