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Everybody loves free stuff, even if we don’t need it, with a price tag saying FREE, it’s hard to turn away. Free is one of the best prices to pay because there is no change to your budget and if you don’t like whatever it is, you don’t feel like you wasted anything by trying it.


A lot of people enjoy going to ice cream locations and asking for flavor samples before committing to buy a flavor.

I recently went to a plant-based ice cream parlor that was practically a hole in the wall in a city with horrible parking. So I, of course, took part in the ice cream samples. With weird flavors such as salted caramel ash, it’s hard not too. By the way- it was delicious.

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But free stuff online is just as alluring as free stuff in person.

It seems even easier considering you don’t have to deal with human to human interaction or leaving your house. Unfortunately, there can be a mix of scammy websites intertwined with the good, so it always smart to keep an extra attentive eye on the websites to spot anything that’s too good to be true.

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How to tell a legit site from a scam site

First and foremost, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Never feel obligated to continue with something if you question it’s legality or have doubts that it’s real.

Receiving some emails from a company after signing up for freebies is only natural.

Receiving thousands daily as the company spams your emails is not. Unfortunately, it happens. Consider making a spare email account exclusively for freebies so you don’t have to deal with the “you’ve got mail” alerts all day.

Freebies that require you to fill out a survey or claim a certain number of offers before getting the freebie are more than likely not legitimate.

Your email account will be spammed and sold to other companies who will do the same, if you gave them your phone number, prepare for unknown callers.

I have requested thousands of free samples and products online over the years. The most legit ones are very straightforward on what information they need from you. Including name, number, address, email and possibly a choice between what sample type you want if there are options to choose from.

I like the freebies that are for my kids or husband the most because I can gift them at Christmas for a frugal stocking stuffer or hand them out as a “just because” gift and watch their faces light up. It’s a great way to have fun and a “weird” way to save money.

Some may request your debit or credit card information, while I urge you to avoid doing this if possible, there are some instances where you may need to do so. For example, when you need to pay to ship.

Some sites even need the information but don’t charge the card. With this happening it can be hard to tell the real trustworthy sites from the untrustworthy ones.

There’s a secret to help you spot a secure website from a not secured one

If you look up at the URL bar, where the address of the website is located (easier if you are on a computer) you will see to the left of the address bar a lock symbol. If the website has a lock up there, it’s secured for processing payment information.

*Websites that say “not secure” are still fine to visit, just don’t give them your banking information.

So now, if you’re wondering “Where can I get free stuff online?”

Here’s a great list:

I Love Free Things

This website shows a bunch of freebies, perfect for finding free samples and other free things.

Freebie Shark

This website shows a bunch of free stuff! I’ve been an avid follower for years, there’s coupons, rebates, reminders about freebies at restaurants and more.

Free Stuff

While this website has a lot of ads and a little more difficult to navigate, it also shows a lot of free stuff that you can get and the steps to getting them.

Sample A Day

If you love free samples, this is a great website for you. Not just freebies for the US, they also have sections for samples in Canada, UK, and Australia.

Sweet Free Stuff

With a few new freebies listed each week, this is a good place to go for some unique freebies. They include samples as well as coupons and tips for redeeming free things at restaurants using mobile apps.

My Free Product Samples

This website doesn’t just share free samples and products, they also share discounted item like toys from Amazon. Following along with them might be a great way to cut cost on your Christmas gifts by saving money all year long.


A little more difficult to navigate and I feel it’s not as updated as some of these other websites but it is a great source for other free items.

Freaky Freddies

Not a lot of pictures or ads, so the website design is pretty neat and organized. Be still my heart. With a ton of different categories, you can find any freebie you might be looking for including free clothes!

Just Free Stuff

This website has a lot of freebies you won’t see anywhere else. It’s actually pretty impressive.

Totally Free Stuff

Including items that are completely free as well as the ones requiring you to pay S&H. They even include quick side hustle ideas to make extra money.


I think what I love best about this freebie website is that it includes nationwide free days. Things such as free fishing days and free national parks entry days. There’s even coupons and surveys linked to make quick cash.

Go Freebies

Plenty of organized categories to help you find freebies for almost any subject.  

Hey It’s Free

It’s not just “here’s a freebie, fill out this form” or “here’s a link to said freebie” there are actual blog posts and articles on this website helping to make it more in depth about what you’re interested in. That for one, definitely makes it unique.

I Crave Freebies

Not just free items, you can also find free days for donuts at Krispy Kreme and activities you can do with the family at no cost.

Free Stuff Finder

This is another website that I have personally followed for years. I think I even followed them on Instagram. What makes this site special is that they not only link you to free coupons that you can use for great deals, but they also share the coupon break down so even new couponers can understand how to get the free products. *Not just coupons on this site, it is very versatile.

Shop 4 Freebies

Regularly updated with free samples and products, you can bet you’ll find things here before everyone else.

Yo Free Samples

There is a lot of versatility here with the freebies. It even includes stuff for Mom Ambassador members.

Hunt 4 Freebies

So many freebies on this site that I haven’t seen anywhere else! I enjoy that it’s easy to navigate and has great content worth scrolling through.

Freebie Radar

Reminding you about instant win sweepstakes and reward programs like Coke, Pampers and Kelloggs.

Snag Free Samples

There are some excellent free things to be found over here! Giveaways, sweepstakes, and samples galore!

The Free Site

I love neat and organized. This website has both and an incredible page loading speed. What’s great is that there are more specific categories for free items including graphics and games. This means that you can find free stuff for everybody.

Only Free

While it doesn’t appear to be updated daily, there is still a huge amount of value for the freebies currently offered on this website. It’s definitely worth the look.

Ping Bug

Freebies, samples, rebates that make things free after redemption and more. There’s even links and tips for making more money.

Freebie Depot

With a ton of freebies being added to this site every day, it only makes sense that every night a round-up post would be made so you don’t miss out on any of the awesome free goodness.

That was 24 different websites that you can use to get free stuff online. Have a different one you want to be featured? Share it in the comments below.

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