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I wanted to do something different and introduce you lovely readers to a friend of mine. She doesn’t have a blog and honestly, she may be too busy with her successful side hustle jobs to become a blogger.

I say this as I drink my 3rd cup of coffee, and hair in a mom-bun I’ve been rocking for the past 3 days. My toddler smacking the keyboard as I type, completing this no-sleep trifecta. #SendCoffee

My motherhood experience is exciting and I just have 2 kids to handle. My friend though, she makes it look so easy.

You’ll see what I mean when you continue reading to see her list of 28 side hustle jobs currently bringing her income.

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It gets even better when you see how much money she saves too!

Does saving $15,000 a year with coupons sound impressive?

What about $10,000 savings on a dream wedding?

Those are just two of the numbers she quoted in this interview and don’t worry, she explains HOW. Just keep reading, and feel the excitement build.

Seriously though- I’m really excited to have you meet this lovely lady. You’re going to love her!

devyn couponer glitcher sidehustler

Devyn R’nae Musson

Age 28

Full time SAHM of 3 kids ages 2-8 years


Glitch shopper

& The best side hustler I know!

Reader, meet Devyn- a full time stay at home mom to 3 kids. She has her hands full, and still finds the time to make some extra income and savings on the side.

devyns 3 kids
Devyn’s 3 kids.

Her husband is an autobody technician, and with her added help, their income stretches incredibly far.

I have been Facebook friends with her for years and every time she makes a post about something, my jaw drops in amazement with what she can do!

I interviewed her for this post because I just know that her story can inspire someone (possibly you) to save money or get a few side hustle jobs going.

So let’s begin-

Have you always been good with saving/making money or did you become a more money savvy person later in life?

In my early adult years, I didn’t care about saving money.

By the time I was 23, I had been a stay at home mom for around 3 years. I had my 2nd child and I wanted to find a way to contribute financially.

I’ve been couponing and finding unique ways to earn money for about 5 years now.

What made you start caring about money?

It started because I needed to raise our income, but I kept it up because it became my hobby.

I continue to save money and earn money because I really enjoy the challenge. The extra money/savings definitely doesn’t hurt!

I don’t plan on stopping any time soon. In fact, I plan to “up my game” in a few years when my 2-year-old starts kindergarten.

My schedule will then be wide open during the day. I can earn even more, while still having 100% flexibility and control over my schedule, unlike your average job.

You’re a couponer and a glitch shopper.

Care to explain what that is or talk about it?

I have been couponing and stockpiling for over 5 years. I have saved over $15,000 a year during my best years.

I’m also a glitcher, meaning I take advantage of glitches/pricing errors. These happen online and in store.

If you’re plugged into the right online communities, you can keep tabs on stores/sites and watch for glitches that other people share!

My top favorite glitch I ever did was online.

I bought 4 really fancy end tables for a total of about $42. They were a total value of almost $1000.

I paid under $11 each, they were valued at over $200 each. Then, I turned around and sold 3 of those tables for $75 each!

I coupon/glitch for EVERYTHING: hotels, clothes, furniture, food, toiletries, cigarettes (nasty habit of my husbands, DON’T JUDGE ME haha.)

*My personal side note- I remember this glitch, and bought a table too. I think that’s the only successful glitch I ever had. #ItWasANiceTable #ITriedToo

Devyn started her own Facebook group to share her deals in.

She says, “I finally started a couponing group several years ago to share all my favorite deals. It’s not the most active group, but it’s DEFINITELY the most laid back group I’ve ever been in.”

[Note] You can join her Facebook Group Glitchology and Couponography by clicking here.

What are some of your current side hustle jobs for bringing in extra money?

At this time, I’m doing a number of things to bring in money.

  • I donate plasma twice a week (pay varies on this)
  • Deliver food with DoorDash
  • Grocery shop and deliver groceries with Instacart
  • I use an app called Smore, that pays me in gift cards just for having a lock screen on my phone
  • Rebate apps like Checkout 51
  • Ibotta
  • Savingstar
  • Coupons
  • Receipt Hog
  • ReceiptPal
  • Dosh
  • Ebates
  • I play live streamed trivia games on Joyride to earn cash
  • And earn Amazon gift cards through an app called QuickThoughts.

There are a few other apps/sites I use, but they don’t earn/save me as much:

  • Sweatcoin
  • T-mobile Tuesdays
  • 1Q
  • Panel app
  • Survey Monkey
  • Shopkick
  • Surveymini
  • Job spotter
  • Cartwheel (on the target app)
  • Rev (Rev is a website that pays you to add captions to audio)
  • I have SEVERAL rewards accounts that I earn points/coupons through like Driscoll’s (yes, that’s the berry company,) Marlboro, Kellogg’s, Pampers and Huggies.

These apps/sites pay me in cash directly into my bank account or PayPal. Sometimes I get high-value coupons, gift cards or merchandise.

Of those side hustle jobs, which are the most successful?

Definitely DoorDash and Instacart.

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On average how much do you make per week or month through these side hustles?

This is a VERY hard question to answer because the majority of my earnings are based on what/when/if other people order food/groceries.

It also depends on how often I can find rebates on the groceries I’m buying. How much time I’m able to dedicate to filling out surveys, etc.

We are 10 weeks into 2019 and I’ve made around $1200 so far (most of that was cash.)

Just 10 days ago I earned around $250 in one day, but 2 months ago I went a week making NOTHING!

If I were to average it out, I would say I make roughly $150 a week, but I’m also dedicated to being a full-time mom of 3 young children. So that should tell you that I’m not dedicating 12 hours a day to my side gigs.

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You recently got married to your long term boyfriend, and you did it on a budget, with massive savings.

how she saved money on her wedding

Do you want to talk about this?

When looking at the overall amount we spent on our wedding, it still seems like we spent a TON, which I suppose we did, but we also SAVED a ton.

We opted to NOT have a bridal party.

No rehearsal dinner, no extra bouquets, no “will you be my maid of honor” gifts.

That saved money not only for us but also friends and family who would have had to have bought specific outfits. They also would have had to have flown in sooner, stayed at hotels longer and missed more work.

Some other ways we saved money were:

My grandfather officiated (I think it cost around $30 for him to be able to do that.)

My boys wore outfits that we bought bits and pieces for over the course of about 6 months. Yep, you guessed it… I used coupons for their clothes.

My daughter’s dress was handmade, but it was still only $60. Thanks, Etsy!

We found an all-inclusive venue.

EVERYTHING was included.

The wedding/venue was absolutely gorgeous and only ended up being about ⅓ of the price compared to other estimates we were getting because it was a bundle deal.

Our venue included:

  • Rooms for us both to get ready
  • Someone to help with all our wants and needs
  • A full staff
  • 2 separate rooms for the ceremony and reception
  • All the chairs/tables/dishes (I had no idea that people often have to buy/rent these separately)
  • Food
  • And a bar

Our venue offered us a $1000 discount if we chose them within a week of visiting them. That made our choice really easy!  

One of the HUGE savings was with the bar.

Most places made you pay for X amount of alcohol or bring your own. Then they want to charge you an overpriced fee for every bottle they open, and charge you hundreds for their time (either a flat fee or hourly.)

Because the staff was included in our cost, we paid for NOTHING alcohol related. The bartender was no extra cost, and we went with a cash bar so our guests bought their own drinks!

We planned our wedding over the course of two years and found a makeup artist and hairdresser, a baker for our cake and cupcakes, a DJ and a photographer that were all comfortable taking payments for 18 months or so (we opted not to look for a cheap option with a photographer, and even though she cost nearly as much as the venue I have no regrets, NONE!)

We were able to budget these costs in monthly with little to no stress because we booked them all SO FAR in advance that the cost per month to pay them off was minimal.

I did some DIY for the first time in my life. I’m not crafty in the least, but I’m all about saving, so I figured I’d try my hand at gluing and cutting.

I found a specific kind of wagon that I was looking for priced at only $25. It was normally well over $100 used.

flower girl and diy flowered red wagon

I bought some fake flowers on vines and wrapped it around the wooden edge around the top of the fence.

And I’ve got to say, I am VERY proud of myself as it turned out BEAUTIFUL!

fake flower rose wedding bouquet

Made my own bouquet with some pretty spendy fake flowers. It was still cheaper than a normal bouquet, AND I got to keep it.

I went with the more expensive fake flowers, because I wanted it to look real, and it ended up looking great.

Coke bottle party favors

Also, I made my own wedding favors and bought them piece by piece over several months to keep from breaking the bank.

dumdum pop table centerpiece

I found out that Hobby Lobby has their items on their 50% off sale every other week, so I started shopping for specific things at specific times.

That literally cut my cost in half!

After the wedding, I was able to sell things at pretty much what I paid for it because I only paid half of what the sticker price was! The things we didn’t use were promptly returned.

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how she saved money on the honey moon

For our wedding registry, we used a site called Travelers Joy. This gives your guests the option to give you cash towards your honeymoon!

For example-You can say, “I would like 5 gifts of $65 for dinners, 4 gifts of $50 for entertainment and 8 gifts of $50 for drinks.”

Or you can do what we did and just leave it up to the guests how much they donate, and it’s not assigned to any specific event or activity.

For our honeymoon-

I asked my family for specific gifts/favors: My mom flew in and watched my children for 8 days. My sister lives close by so she came over with her kids every day to help out and keep my mom/kids company.

I asked my grandparents if I could use their timeshare, and my grandparents also gifted me their air miles.

Between my friends and family, we were gifted around $2000 for our trip, not including the plane tickets and hotel.

I broke down the cash we had by day and we ended up with around $300+ per day to spend.

We used coupons and Ebates for things like tours, tickets to the zoo, universal studios and car rentals.

I did spend a lot on our wedding and honeymoon. But we still saved probably $10,000 by taking our time, planning in advance, pricing things out, asking for specific gifts, and so on.

Thank you, Devyn For Sharing.

Now reader, if her amazing stories of side hustle jobs and saving money don’t inspire you, I don’t know what will.

She’s a devoted stay at home mother with 3 kids and manages to squeeze extra savings and bring in extra income without missing a beat. As you saw, most of her side hustle jobs were phone app related- meaning anyone with a smartphone can do it!

None of them were MLM or required a start up expense. She is free to spend as much or as little time to each side hustle as she wants.

She takes her time with her budget, stays organized and planned to make sure everything falls into place.

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see how this stay at home mom makes thousands of dollars at home and by doing side hustles. she is also really great at saving money, see how she does it so you can feel inspired!
see how this stay at home mom makes thousands of dollars at home and by doing side hustles. she is also really great at saving money, see how she does it so you can feel inspired!
this sahm makes and saves thousands per year
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