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We all know about spellcheck and how annoying those little red squiggles can be when the words they want to correct your unique surname. What they fail to do is check the grammar and purpose of the document you’re writing to try and find a better way of conveying your message in a clear and correctly punctuated way.

The Grammarly app can do all of that and more!

It’s so much better than ordinary spell check.

Grammarly is a free grammar and punctuation checker and corrector.

  • It corrects your spelling issues
  • Fixes punctuation errors
  • Restructures your sentences for a better flow
  • Offers new words as suggestions so you can sound smarter and less redundant
  • Doesn’t just tell you what it wants to fix, but also shows you why
  • Uses red, yellow, and green color code to alert you of your errors and their significance
  • The premium version allows you to set goals for the document
  • The premium version also gives you a performance check where it can tell you the readability (which is vital for those of us paid for our writing skills)
  • Grammarly Chrome follows you everywhere with its nifty toolbar icon, meaning you can get assistance wherever you are 
  • It is available for download to mobile phones (but in full disclosure, I have not done this yet)
  • Plagiarism checker, letting you know whether or not a piece of content has been published online before
set goals with grammarly

Grammarly Chrome

The Grammarly Chrome toolbar download is cool because you don’t have to go through anything extra to have it working for you.

There is no weird links, websites or pages. It’s automatically there with you and working for you!

It has personally helped me on-

  • Facebook messaging and posts
  • Twitter
  • Microsoft Word
  • My emails
  • Google Docs
  • My client’s websites
  • When writing articles for my clients
  • Anywhere else I make a mistake online

Seriously, it can’t get any better than that.

use Grammarly anywhere

But did you know that it could also help to earn you more money?

How the Grammarly App makes me money

  1. This Blog
    1. With all of the writing and content going onto this blog, it makes sense that I would have an awesome grammar checker to keep my writing on point and accurate. The fewer errors on my site, the more professional I appear and that translates into more followers, readers, and revenue. [Related: How to Make Your Own Blog]
  2. Freelance Writing
    1. Besides writing all of the content for this blog, I also freelance write content for other bloggers and websites. I have done a wide variety of niches including window installation, plumbing, Disney World, destination wedding photography, and parenting. It’s a fun side hustle that brings me money every month and lets me get to explore new topics. Using Grammarly Premium is how my content stays amazing and professional. [Related: Start a Successful Freelance Writing Career]
Grammarly pricing plans

How much does Grammarly Premium cost?

Grammarly comes with multiple pricing and payment plans, monthly, quarterly and yearly. You can pay as much as $29.95 a month or as little as $11.66 a month with the premium version. 

Is there a free version of Grammarly?

There is a free version of Grammarly and up until a few months ago, I was exclusively using it! The main differences between the free package of Grammarly and the Premium version are that the premium version gives you a little more assistance as far as punctuation help and sentence restructuring. 

The Grammarly Chrome toolbar download that I mentioned above is included in the free version of Grammarly! How awesome is that?

Everybody loves free stuff!

Grammarly document performance

Can I get Grammarly premium for free?

While you can get a lot included in the free version of Grammarly, after getting the premium version and seeing how much it can help to enhance your writing, it’s hard to see how you ever lived without it.

The premium version is a decent priced investment in your writing skills, but you can get the Grammarly free trial. This will allow you a few weeks to try it out for yourself and decide if it really is the better choice for you.

Grammarly Discounts

Besides the free trial for premium, there are other discounts. While Grammarly doesn’t offer discounts for students, it does offer special prices for educational institutions like colleges and high schools. 

After signing up for the free version of Grammarly or for the Grammarly free trial, keep a close eye on your emails. You may notice 40%, 50% or 60% off the premium package costs if you pay within a promotional period. I did this and saved over $70!

Grammarly Email Weekly progress report

Progress report emails

Another feature that comes with Grammarly, whether you choose the free option of the premium version is that you get emailed progress reports. These are little notes you can choose to look at or ignore, but they’re full of helpful information telling you how your writing is progressing. 

Are you learning from mistakes or do you continue to misspell the same word over and over again? 

It’s basically like having an English teacher over your shoulders giving you progress reports except that you don’t have disappointed parents if you bring home one that’s less than stellar.

I have never loved a virtual product as much as I love Grammarly. 

It has completely changed my life and helped to provide you all with legible and properly punctuated blog posts to read.

I’m a very organized person, so having Grammarly working for me has truly helped with blogging, social media, and countless other things. I highly recommend it to everyone.

Give it a try for yourself and download it for free here.

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Grammarly is a better than spell check program that is free and awesome! It has helped to make me money and then some with the premium version and the free version. Check out more by clicking through now! #makemoneyfromhome #free #freebies #freeresource #grammar #blogging #makemoney #freelancewriting
How you can make money with spell check. This free program has helped me to make money with my blog and freelance writing. Not only does it check your spelling, but it also checks grammar and looks for plagiarism and a WHOLE BUNCH MORE! It's the best free resource ever, and click through to see more! #makemoneyfromhome #free #freebies #freeresource #grammar #blogging #makemoney #freelancewriting
This free program is better than spellcheck. Here's why you should download it today. Since installing it, it has helped me to make money through my blog and freelance writing. Check it out by clicking through now #makemoneyfromhome #free #freebies #freeresource #grammar #blogging #makemoney #freelancewriting
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