If you would like to have your guest post published to my site, it has to meet my criteria and be relevant to my readers.

My analytics state that my traffic is 88% female based. 46% being aged 25-34, and 26% ages 35-44 years old. These are women who are interest in saving money, cooking, lifestyle, home and gardening, and organization.

Posts that fit my readers and my site theme are desired. Posts for subjects way off topic, like scuba diving or fashion will not be accepted. Unless, you can somehow bring it all together, like affordable fashions or budget friendly vacations, etc.

This site is about:

  • Saving money in general
  • Specific things can do to save money.
  • Saving up money, like emergency fund or sinking fund
  • Finances
  • Paying off debt
  • Budgeting
  • Making Money through side hustles, passive income
  • Frugal lifestyle
  • Stretching a dollar as far as you can to maximize savings and potential

This site is not about:

  • Taking out loans
  • Sponsoring credit card companies
  • Sponsoring debt consolidation
  • Anything that supports getting more “in debt” or “moving debt around” (example: transferring debt to a no interest credit card)

Exception to this rule:

Home ownership, I will allow talk of making smart home buying purchases as it is an investment and highly unlikely to pay for a home in cash. Most home purchases do bring a certain level of debt.

Investments/Investing, I’d be interested in reading these submissions. So long as you stick with my site’s outlined guidelines listed above, this could be useful to my readers.

Credit building, I personally don’t talk about credit building. However, I will allow guest posts to do so, because I know my readers would be interested in the subject. But please find helpful ways to bring this subject up that isn’t “take out credit cards and use them smart.” Because that is taking on more debt and not helpful to my audience.

By submitting a guest post to this site you are aware that:

  • You will not be paid for your submission, nor will you be charged.
  • Your post once published is mine and the legal property of Struggle Today Strength Tomorrow.
  • I reserve all rights to make any editorial changes I deem fit and necessary to your written piece. Including but not limited to adding in links of my own. Or removing links you may have added.
  • Do not add your affiliate links.
  • Submission of a post is not a guarantee that I will use that post. If 8 days pass from time of submission, and I have not contacted you in regards to your guest post- you are free to take that post submission and send it elsewhere. I will try to get back to you no matter which decision I choose (use or not.) However, I am a busy blogging momma with a life that often get’s away from me. So I may not get a chance to respond quickly.
  • You also understand and agree to the plagiarism checks I will do on your piece to confirm that it is in fact a unique article and not hijacked from elsewhere.

If you can agree to these terms, read on:

Criteria for guest post:

  • Must be no less than 500 words.
  • Ideally between 1,000-2,000 words.
  • Proper use of heading sizes
  • SEO is important, I would like it to have a long tailed keyword to focus on. If not, I may provide one during editing.
  • Catchy title to draw readers attention
  • Including 2-4 images for your post (about 1 image per 500 words) would be great! *Please have ownership of the images, I reserve the right to remove pictures that I think are stolen, poor quality or don’t fit my blogs theme.
  • Your author bio will have a link to your website homepage.
  • You can have up to 3 links to specific posts on your website included in the text of this guest post.
  • Your content must be unique!

How to submit a guest post-

When using WordPress, type your post as you normally would. Make it free of grammatical errors, proper use of headings and subheading, and as perfect as you think you can make it. After all, this is YOUR post, you want it to draw traffic to your site. People won’t click over to your webpage if they think you’re illiterate or don’t know what you’re talking about. This is free advertisement for you, utilize it as bet as you can!

Then go to the right side bar and click on the 3 vertical dots.

Then go to the right side bar and click on the 3 vertical dots. submit guest post

Once you’ve done that go down to where it says code editor. This will change the look of your blog post to one block.

click on the code editor

Click on the dots again, and go down to one of the last options where it says, “copy all content.”

Paste this content into the body of an email sent to [email protected]

*Please note- You will need to manually copy/paste the headline of the post, it does not transfer over in the “copy all content” trick I showed you.

Subject line “guest post submission”

Information I need from you:

  • First and Last name
  • Email address (won’t be shown publicly)
  • Website (will be linked in your author bio)
  • Short 10 sentence or less author bio and an image to include with it. (This will be located at the end of your post.)

Don’t have WordPress? You can copy/paste your guest post submission in the body of an email or save it to a pdf file and email to me that way. Just make sure you follow the last few steps outlined above.

Thank you for you submissions. I check my email a few times a week, and will get back to you as soon as I can in regards to your guest post.

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