Family fun often comes at a cost, and the bigger your family is- the higher the cost. Priced per person is sometimes a budget killer for larger families and even when you utilize the free kids with adult purchases, you still end up paying a fortune sometimes! So what about the free things for a family to do?

What are some great ways to have quality family time, without going in debt to have it?

I’m going to list some great family-friendly ideas and suggestions on things you can do during a no-spend weekend.

Seasonal family friendly freebies:

What is a no-spend weekend?

A no-spend weekend is one where you try not to spend any money, outside of the normal bills.

There are a few different ways this can play out when it comes to vehicle transportation.

  • Some people believe that a no-spend weekend means not going anywhere outside of the home.
  • Others believe that if you leave the house, it has to be with free transportation- meaning biking, walking or free rides.
  • But then there’s another group of people who suggest that using your own car to get from point A to point B is okay so long as you don’t buy gas while participating in this challenge. This leaves you to be resourceful with the gas currently in the vehicle since you can’t just “top off” the tank.
kids and husband at the zoo by raven statues

20 Free at home activities for a family

  1. Play Board Games
  2. Camp in the backyard
  3. Bake cupcakes or cookies together
  4. Root beer floats party
  5. Watch Movies on Netflix in your PJ’s
  6. Have a coloring contest
  7. Play hide and seek
  8. Have a pillow fight
  9. Build puzzles together
  10. Have a picnic style dinner in the living room
  11. Play pretend Youtube (Set up a table, backdrop, and camera. Give your kid a few toys and tell them they are on Youtube. Watch their imagination as they start talking to everybody they think is watching. You never know, it might be a great video to actually put on Youtube.)
  12. Have a lego building contest
  13. Go outside and play freeze tag. Or you could play Red light/Green light… Remember “Momma bear, are you sleeping?” *Ah, the games of my youth., making me feel old and nostalgic.
  14. Build a blanket fort inside!
  15. Do shadow puppets on the wall (this can keep my kids entertain for hours!)
  16. Play dress up and then interview them to ask about their look and inspiration
  17. Read a book, with each character getting their own voice
  18. Have a tea party
  19. Make home-made playdough
  20. Go through old toys and clothes and choose what to donate.
Family walking together at the park

20 Free family activities outside the house

  1. Go for a walk
  2. Have a barbecue
  3. Go to the park
  4. Pack a picnic for the beach
  5. Go swimming or play in the sprinkler. If it’s summertime, look for your local Splash Park to help you save money on your water bill.
  6. Play kickball, soccer or with a Frisbee
  7. Go to a museum (they often have free nights)
  8. Walk around the mall and window shop
  9. Go to a playground
  10. Do yard work or gardening
  11. Go to the library
  12. Experience neighborhood free events together
  13. Go geocaching- this is still popular!
  14. Go camping for real
  15. Color the sidewalks with chalk
  16. Fly a kite (make a homemade kite and fly it if you don’t have one handy!)
  17. Start a rock collection (kid’s LOVE rocks.)
  18. Host a garage sale and then let the kids decide how to spend the money
  19. Have a race
  20. Blow bubbles (homemade bubble mix is super easy and you probably have the stuff already!)

Finding free things for your family to do isn’t super hard if you let yourself get creative. Kids are naturally self-entertaining, which makes it much easier for you. Just jump right into the play-time that they are having and you can make memories that don’t cost a dime but are priceless just the same.

aislynn and samuel throwing rocks at the beach

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40 free things to do on a no spend family weekend. perfect for frugal activity seekers. the kids will love these ideas and they can be used any time of the year so look forward to cheap summer fun with the children
40 free things for a family to do on a no spend weekend. save money and spend quality time together with these fun activities for any age.
40 free things to do on a no spend family weekend. perfect for frugal activity seekers. the kids will love these ideas and they can be used any time of the year so look forward to cheap summer fun with the children
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