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There are so many different ways that you can get access to freebies online, in the mail or in your own local community. This post is to help answer that we all ask at some point- “How do I find free stuff near me?”

Believe it or not, it’s actually much easier to find free stuff in your area than you may think. It’s not just waiting for some rich people giving away free stuff to toss something outside with a sign. But, it’s also not as difficult or annoying as it is to find good websites offering freebies without wanting your credit card information.

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Platforms to find “free stuff near me”:

  1. Craigslist items for free
  2. Facebook freebies
    1. Marketplace
    2. Buy nothing groups
  3. Free stuff from local listings
    1. Freecycle Network
    2. 2Good2Toss
    3. Freegle
    4. Curbside
    5. Garage Sales 
    6. Nextdoor app
    7. Newspaper classified ads

You have many different options for finding free stuff in your area. With these different options, you can easily find free household items including free furniture giveaways, sheds, campers, pick up trucks or RV’s.

I’ve personally seen all of those things being offered for free on these sites and then some. Free cloth diapers, kid toys, food, etc. the list goes on and on.


Craigslist Items for Free

Craigslist is a very popular website used for pretty much everything local. You can find house listings, jobs, local meetups, events, and free items. 

How to find free things on Craigslist

  • Go to
    • Can’t find free things on Craiglist if you aren’t on the website, so go check it out.
  • Choose your location
    • This helps you to find the stuff closest to you!
  • Find the free stuff section
    • This is actually a sub-section of the “for sale” area on the site. So check there.
  • Narrow your search results
    • Right now it’s going to give you a wide range around your home/area including things that could be several hours away.
    • So in the sidebar of the page, enter your zip code and specify how far you’re willing to travel
  • Look through the results 
    • Search through for something specific or enjoy the random oddities that are Craigslist. 
    • I personally search through images that only have images so I can see what is being offered, but it’s all about preference.
  • Click through to the ad and view more information
    • If you’re interested, great! Respond and claim the free items, if not- continue searching.

You can use Craiglist to find frugal Christmas gifts and to find out information about local Christmas events. Perfect for when you’re working with a tight Christmas budget or money is tight.

How to use Facebook to find free stuff in your area

Facebook is great for more than just sharing videos of cookies being decorated, weird memes and photos of our babies photoshopped to have a mouth full of teeth.

In fact, Facebook is a great social network for finding free stuff in your area too! Two of the best places to check out are the marketplace and the buy nothing groups.


The marketplace is a great place to sell and buy items. People do it all of the time and it displays to your local area as well as your friend’s list. It’s different than buy/sell groups on Facebook in that you don’t need to request to join the marketplace, you simply post or reply to posts as needed.

The marketplace is also a great place to find Facebook freebies. People posting free sruff in your local area that they want taken away at no cost. 

Buy Nothing Groups

Buy nothing Facebook groups are something that I didn’t know about until last year. Since then, I’ve thought the world of them! They are localized groups in your area with everyone giving away or requesting free stuff. 

I’ve personally seen free food, services like babysitting or lawn care, cloth diapers and simply asking for people to show up to their kid’s birthday parties or asking for advice on cheap venues to host a kids party. It’s one of my favorite places to find free stuff near me!

These buy nothing groups are apart of the buy nothing project and movement that is sweeping the globe. By getting people together in their own local areas to help and share together and build a better sense of community. 

You can find your local buy nothing groups on Facebook by simply searching “buy nothing” in the Facebook search bar or you can go to the main Buy Nothing Project website and scroll down their directory of groups to find the one closest to you. 

Another great place to get free stuff in your local community is by using FreeCycle. Sign up and enter your zip code to find a local group. Once you’re a member you can see posts of wants and offers being posted by local members.

Furniture on the curb

Other places to find free stuff in your area

Freecycle Network

The Freecycle Network is a website where you can log on and interact with your local community members. It’s a place where you can give away free stuff or find free stuff near you.


This website is set up a little differently than others but is still really good for finding those freebies being offered in your area. 2Good2Toss isn’t available in every area just yet, but you can find what counties near you are participating 


This one is actually pretty exclusive to the United Kingdom. So that’s great news for the readers across the pond! ILoveFreegle seems to be booming over there with a lot of opportunities for finding free things. 


Another great place I like to find free stuff near me is on the curbside of a street. It’s crazy but a lot of people will walk things they don’t want, out to a curb and either give it a sign saying “free” or post online that there is a curb alert in the area and to come and get it. 

Finding free curbside stuff near me is like finding a treasure you didn’t know you were hunting for. It’s fun, exciting, and you never know what you’ll find!

This is especially popular in military communities and on-base where people are giving away furniture and decor items all of the time! So many people will take these unwanted pieces in and give them a makeover, and then sell them for side hustle money.

The unfortunate downside is that you can never expect what you’ll find and could end up being in the wrong car or busy at the wrong time and miss out on something wonderful.

furniture on the side of the road

Garage sales 

Yes, garage sales are meant to make someone money, meaning someone else (you) has to spend money to get their old unwanted things, right? Wrong. 

The day after a yard sale is when the homeowner is tired, they’ve been out in the heat all day and don’t want to bring all of their stuff inside for storage. A lot of the time they will post that everything is free so they can simply offload as much of it as possible before taking unsold and unmoved items to a donation center. 

The Nextdoor app

The Nextdoor app is great for many reasons, let us count the ways:

  1. It’s a completely free app that alerts you to the crime in your area
  2. They update the app with actual police reports so you know whats going on
  3. The app shows your location on a map with pinpoints on the crime in nearby streets so you can actually see how close it is to you.
  4. They work with the doorbell ringer company and can earn you a 100% FREE video taking doorbell by simply inviting others to download the app!
  5. There is an entire section with local people giving away free stuff in your area.

Newspaper classified ads

Paper newspapers are more useful than holding your coupon inserts and telling you your daily horoscopes, they also contain classified ads.

Inside these classified ads is a ton of random things people paid to have included in that edition of the newspaper including free stuff that they are trying to give away or barter. What better way to find free stuff in your area than by looking for the free stuff in your local listings?


This handy dandy little phone app works great with other free stuff websites like Freegle and Freecycle. Ultimately the Trashnothing app makes it easier to see and make local listings for free stuff. 

With so many different options available to you for finding free things, you should have no problem locating some great stuff! You can also use these same places to get rid of your unwanted clutter if you want to minimalize your current possessions. 

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Where do you like looking for the free stuff near you?

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The 11 best resources to find free stuff near you! You can find all sorts of things including household items, food, and more! And the best part- it's local! Click through to see how you can score some great stuff at no cost! #freebies #freestuff #free #local #community #recycle #reuse
The best places to find local freebies! Free stuff in yout area! Click through to see all of these great ways that you can find free things near you! #freebies #freestuff #free #local #community #recycle #reuse
Where to search your nieghborhood for free stuff. There are so many different places you can look for freebies near you! Check out these great resources and see what great stuff you can find! #freebies #freestuff #free #local #community #recycle #reuse
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