After having hit rock bottom looking for desperate ways of earning passive income, I continued to scour Pinterest for other ideas.

Looking at another stay at home moms blog’s containing ideas on how to make a passive income.

The lists were long, some were not worth my time like paid survey’s that gave pennies for wasting 15minutes of your time.

I’m sorry, but I value myself a little more than that.

Have to keep some standards and self-worth? Am I right?

That’s when I came across a Transcribing job at TranscribeMe! It sounded perfect.

I have a fast word per minute typing skill, good spelling, and grammar. Plus, I have a computer with working speakers and there was no upfront cost.

To be accepted into the program you have to do a 2-hour exam to prove your worth and they highly recommended using this program called Grammarly.

Okay, no problem.

I installed the free version of the Grammarly Program to my computer and had the whole family around to watch the kids. I set myself off in a bedroom with the laptop and tried to tune everything but the audio out.

But 2 hours turned into 6 hours.

Constant interruptions and the page refreshed when I completed the last part.

So I had to redo it, taking another hour of my time.

Page closed out when I hit submit.

I closed the computer and left the room.

I ugly cried for 2 hours, ate dinner and watched a bad Nicholas Cage movie.

Finally deciding to look, I opened the computer and found the exam. It saved where I had left off.

Only needing to redo that last section AGAIN. It changed every time the page refreshed, making it difficult to cheat by using a simple copy/paste action.

It was a 4 minute audio about an author talking about his book on a radio show.

According to what I was listening to, it was about his struggles after the military.

From his military career to civilian life, the struggles he faced with depression and rising above it to become successful.

Everything he said about feeling lost and not thinking he was depressed at the time because he wasn’t unhappy, made me think of my husband.

After completing the audio transcription I had a newfound understanding of what my husband is currently feeling (even if he doesn’t share his feelings with me.)

I submitted the test by hitting the “next” button.

I did this very slowly to be sure I was clicking exactly what I was supposed to be doing.

The page refreshed.

A whole new audio came up.

I closed out and decided I didn’t care anymore.

For all I know, the test could have been submitting this whole time and just glitched instead of opening a new page. (I later found out this wasn’t the case)

They should really make the page more navigatable to avoid this frustration.

How did this turn into a blessing?

 I’m Getting there, hold on. 

The next day..

The next day, as I’m attempting to drink my morning coffee and regain some consciousness, I think to myself, “I should start a blog about our life and journey, including savings tips and meal plans.”

I’m sure someone out there could benefit from what knowledge I’ve gathered the past few years.

I get the notes app on my phone opened up and start making a list of posts I’d do if I had a blog.

Just headliners or small blips of information. Enough to remind me what I’m talking about when I came back to it.

I came up with 21 drafted blog posts within 1 hours worth of time.

If that doesn’t scream passionate, I don’t know what does.

So I did the next logical step and starting scrolling through Pinterest yet again, I start searching for how to start a monetized blog.

Everyone recommending Self-hosted websites like Bluehost and to go through them to get WordPress blog and build off from that point.

Okay, that costs money and we’re broke and unemployed.

So, now what? 

What would I name my blog?

What could be vague enough to cover anything I might say, but specific enough to my cause that it’s not like I’m throwing a ball into left field by naming my site but then talk about cheeseburgers all day long.

Then it came to me when I was looking at inspirational/motivational quotes.

Struggle today, strength tomorrow.

Its perfect, and it gives a sense of hope for a better tomorrow.

I fell in love with the name.

I decided to sell my KitchenAid mixer and my son’s baby crib for the money it’d take to make the payment for the domain name and hosting.

Neither item is currently in use. Both are in good condition and I should have money left over to buy my daughter stuff she needed for school, like shoes and a haircut.

My mom had bought her a backpack from Hollar (that came with a lunch bag, water bottle, and a pencil case. A 5 piece set for only $10.75! Talk about an awesome deal!

Luckily, our school district supplied all the kid’s school supplies this year. All we had to do was get the backpack and a pair of headphones and we were done.

But then a paycheck came in, the last one my husband earned from his recent job experience.

We paid some money towards bills and I divided and shoved chunks into different savings accounts for a rainy day.

Then I talked to my husband about how I wanted to get into monetized blogging, and he said to go for it.

I kept trying to talk about it, mentioning the high start-up costs and how I’d select the cheapest options.

Told him I had over 20 posts listed out and ready to go.

Mentioned about all the research I’d done, and seriously kept talking.

I could hear the excitement in my voice, he’d just given me the okay to take the risk and jump in, but I couldn’t shut up.

Even though I was getting hyped up, I feel like I was waiting for him to change his mind and say no. Or to wait until we could afford this gamble.

But he didn’t, he just asked why I was still talking and why I wasn’t buying the domain name.

So on September 4th, I purchased my blog and domain through Bluehost. 

The step by step instructions was so clear and easy to understand and everything was working out smoothly.

Seriously, Bluehost is the way to go for anyone like me who has honestly no idea what they’re doing with website building.

Now it was time to start typing up blog posts and getting them published so I could get my site up, running and looking official.

Plus, it’s significantly easier to adjust your themes and homepage layout when you know what it looks like with actual blog post content in place.

This is where that Transcribeme failed attempt turns into another blessing.

Remember how I downloaded Grammarly based on their recommendations?

I still have it.

And it is nothing short of AMAZING.

Click here to see How Grammarly Has Changed My Life.

how a failed job attempt turned into a blessing
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