As I teetered between the thoughts on how to make quick cash while remaining out of prison, I started making mental lists of what could help our situation.

I started posting more of my crafted items online, hoping to bring in sales.

I put some finished items in my Etsy shop and tried promoting it on social media only to realize I have little to no idea how Etsy works and that crafting was taking time but not producing results.

In fact, I actually had to pay Etsy to post my items. So much for that idea.

Then I had 2 orders for customized shirts come in, not through Etsy.

But they both produced profit and were relatively easy designs.


I sought out other ways to make money.

Went as far as to look at Facebook groups dedicated to selling used panties and socks for men with fetishes… loved the profit margins, there seems to be a big market for this stuff.

Hate the idea of making a fake Facebook account to keep my identity safe. So that idea was out.

Selling breast milk pays $1 per ounce and goes to milk banks to feed premature babies.

I filled out applications, questionnaires and started trying to build up a frozen milk supply.

That’s when I realized I’m barely producing anything more than my son eats.

This won’t work for us, at least not until I wean him.

So the search for an income that lets me stay at home.

Doesn’t take away from my kids.

Allows me to still run the house.

Stay organized, and make a dent on bills without working 18hours a day was still underway.

a few ways I failed to bring in money during our unemployment

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