How My Family & I Save Money

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How My Family And I Save Money

While I don’t post too much about my family and our savings on this site, I do still make an effort to keep it here for the curious minds.

[Related Note:] One of my favorite ways to cut costs on our clothing is by shopping second hand. Of course, I truly hate trying clothes on in dressing rooms at stores, and shopping for clothes with my family. So to save myself from the headaches of shopping in person, (and trust me, there’s a lot of headaches when shopping with them) I do all of the clothes shopping on a virtual discount thrift store called Schoola.

Schoola is already cheap prices, and contains everything from baby clothes to maternity, formal wear and business suits. But when you add in the discount codes they send to your email (up to 75% off) plus free shipping, it gets a million times better! and 40% of what you spend goes to help schools- Win Win. Sign up for Schoola and get a $10 Credit to spend on used clothes!

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