Holiday Savings

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Holiday Savings

Holiday Savings- tips, tricks, ideas and more!

Close to half of Americans will go into debt during the holidays. Which makes no sense considering that the same holidays happen around the same time every year and are completely predictable in expenses.

That being said, I am one of the minorities that budget everything to the last penny and shops for the best deals. See this post on how I made Christmas for My Family of 7 happen for $300.

Not exclusive to the holiday, as I will be sharing awesome savings ideas for every major holiday here in the US.

[Related Tip:] Shopping online during the holidays is my all time favorite way to snag the best deals. Applying promo codes and discounts from the comfort of my own couch is my favorite way to save money. Thanks to The Earny App, I know I’m always getting the lowest priced deals. They work in the background of your email account and when stores send receipts and purchase confirmation emails, they scan to see if the store dropped the price after your purchase. If they did, The Earny App will send the store an email on your behalf, requesting the cash difference.

They have saved me a lot of money in the past few years and even gotten me a few months of Amazon Prime for free when a package was delayed. Sign up The Earny App and get your money back!

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