Hey, I’m Nicole

A veteran’s wife, a SAHM of 2, a small business owner and a frugal woman saving her family money where it counts most.

We’ve paid off thousands of dollars worth of debt and are so close to being 100% debt free!

With my unique perspective and experiences I can bring you everything from helpful advice for low income families all the way to the dinner table with suggestions on cheaper meals and tips on meal planning (even if there’s no money to work with). 

A Little About Me

I married my Army husband in 2012 and during that time I discovered extreme couponing and many other fantastic ways to stretch a dollar.

We seperated from military life and became civilians in 2017, finding ourselves unemployed and with a 6 figure debt over our heads.

In 2018 I started my own company (this website) and we started putting real strides of effort into our debt snowball.

Since then, I’ve become a freelance writer for many other websites (adding another stream of income) and my husband created a free mobile game on Google Play for a passive income source. (It’s called Word Sloth for those that were curious).

nicole and bret

The Struggles of Today build us Strength for Tomorrow.

This quote is true in many areas of your life, but it’s also very true for your finances.

While you might feel overwhelmed or like you’re stuck in a pit with no way out, with hardwork and creativity, you can get out and be a better person for it.

Those struggles are what help to shape you, and make you unique. This is why I named my website Struggle Today Strength Tomorrow, as a reminder that although we might struggle now, we will gain strength through it for a better tomorrow.

It’s so easy to struggle with finances and budgeting.

It isn’t a course or topic covered in high school (or at least, it wasn’t in mine) and with money being such a taboo topic in polite conversation it’s hard to fully understand something until you’re knee-deep in it.

So if you’re struggling to get a budget started, are looking for side hustles, money saving tips, meal plan tips, inspiration, or just a little financial advice- you’ve come to the right place!

Do You Need Help With Something Specific?

More About ME

I met my husband when he was stationed a a local Army base. We met through a wrong number text message (a funny story, because I was so rude to him at first) and then we got married about 6 months later. 

August 2020 will be our 8 year wedding anniversary if you can believe it. 

We have 2 amazing kids, Aislynn and Samuel.

Our second year of marriage, my husband was sent over to South Korea for a hardship tour (for 1 whole year). This is when I discovered couponing and max frugality.

It was hard communicating and budgeting with someone on a different time schedule (14 hour difference).

kids and husband at the zoo by raven statues

A few days after he got back, we moved across country to our new duty station. 

This is where we gained all of our debt. We bought a new vehicle, and a lemon of a house that racked up loans and credit cards.

After the Army contract ended, we were civilians and out of work. The money we had coming in didn’t cover the bills, but there were no other options available. So we sold everything and moved across country. 

I started my company, he started designing a mobile game and got a good night job. We moved in to my parents house and have been actively paying off debt so we can start fresh. 

From January 1st 2020 to March 1st 2020, we removed $15,825 worth of debt and we started with close to $200k, so you can see the determination we’ve had and that this attempt hasn’t been for nothing. 

aislynn and sam at the mall

My hope is that this website helps others to see the light at the end of the debt tunnel, and that it inspires and motivates them to take control of their finances.

We’ve gotten pretty good at living on a tight budget, and want to share that adventure with you!

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