If you’re anything like me, you desperately search out ways to make a passive income from home. Whether you want it to replace a real 9-5 job or you just want to supplement your income, passive and residual income is a great thing.

Some of the easiest ways include affiliate marketing, I have several of these working on my blog here through form of advertisements and links.

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But I’m going to talk about 5 different ways that you may not have even considered.

1. Blogging

Yeah, it’s a LOT of work, but blogging has really skyrocketed in the past decade and people are making upwards of $100,000 a month through blogging!


The more your following and reach is, the better your affiliate marketing campaigns become, and the higher the income you can get.

It does require money upfront and effort on your part but you can read how to start your own blog here.

2. Ebates

Not exactly an income, but most people do their shopping online these days. Promotional codes, coupons, rebates, clearance deals and never needing to put on pants or a bra?

Heck yes!

Ebates makes it incredibly easy to get money back thanks to their free toolbar installation. Just download it and a pop up will appear on the screen when you go to a website it thinks you might order from (such as etsy or kohls) not only that, but it often asks if you’d like it to find you coupons!

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3. Ebooks or ECourse

If you’re creative enough or knowledgeable about something, make it into an eCourse or an eBook. It’s as simple as typing something up on Microsoft word and saving as a pdf.

Download it to a platform such as Amazon Kindle or any other site for eBooks.

Teachable offers free membership for selling ecourses you design, they do take a small percentage of the sales though. 

4. Rev

Rev is a website for transcription writing. Perfect if you have good grammar or could spell. They offer transcription writing for audio, video and more.

The upside is that there is always work available and you can increase earnings as you get better at it. the downside is that it hardly pays anything at first.

I spent 5 combined hours doing a few transcription videos for them and earned just under $7.

But they pay every Monday like clockwork and straight to your paypal account.

5. Pinecone

There are a TON of “paid” research companies out there. 99% of them are scams and pay pennies for 10 or more minutes worth of your time. My least favorite are the ones you answer a dozen questions for only to be rejected because they’re “full” or you don’t qualify.

Pineconeresearch company is different though.

It pays $3 per survey and you can cash out the earnings as soon as you have them, or you can save them up and redeem for cash, prizes or gift cards.

I’ve been using them for years and have only good things to say about them.

Bonus ideas:

Try different side hustles like freelance writing. This requires some effort but can earn you a great income for minimal hours of work.

Create a mobile game to make passive income.

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5 ways to make a passive income from home
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