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Having only started this blog back in September, I can’t go into full details on an entire year. But I can still give a mighty good round up of what I did accomplish in 2018!

My Top 7 Most Viewed Posts

Stats for 2018. My top 7 most viewed pages.
Stats for 2018. My top 7 most viewed pages.

My home page got a huge amount of views. I’m sure that must be pretty typical right? Its the first page you see when coming to

Class room Christmas Gifts on a budget got the second most views. This was a great diy project. I was able to make gifts for my daughters whole kindergarten class for under $5.

Third Highest views was…

Homemade Holiday Gift Idea for Everyone on a budget. This was another DIY project. An affordable and personalized gift easy to craft. Floating Christmas ornaments.

How to Make a Rustic Poster Wall Hanging was next, and not far behind. Believe it or not it has the most pin’s to Pinterest! It was a meaningful piece of art I created as a Christmas gift for my sister. Both budget friendly and one of a kind.

I can see a trend with the DIY’s getting the most views.

The fifth most viewed was still a “somewhat” diy

How to set up an everyday budget. Great tips for figuring out how to make your own personal budgets so that you can know where your money is at all times.

What I Got My Family For Christmas was the 6th most viewed. Hilariously enough, my family still hasn’t seen it! Ha. I love that I can basically post anything I want on here and not get caught by my family. P.s. I practically tried to play match maker with my single brother and the single ladies reading the blog. So If you are single and looking for Mr. Right, I do recommend taking a look at that particular section of the post.

And lastly,

10 Great gifts that save the recipient money over and over again. Could the high views just be from the holiday season? Or are people really looking to be money conscious with their gift giving? I’m still not sure, but the comments on this post point towards it being a real winning list of ideas!

I can see a trend going, As the page views increase, my audience is starting to make themselves better seen through stats. I can see what you’re genuine interest is based on these numbers and will cater more towards these directions in the coming year 2019. But first I must say,

Thank you for reading! This blog couldn’t exist without wonderful people like you!

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